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Has anyone camped on the Oregon/Northern California coast with a Family?

Asked by MrBr00ks (1737points) March 1st, 2010

I’d like to take my family camping again this summer. Last summer we went to Seaside, OR, and loved it. However, I was told there were warmer and nicer beaches not too farther south. Does anyone have recommendations for either southern Oregon or northern California? We like to use our tent, and maybe, just maybe, we can overcome my fear of California and see some redwoods, but stay close to the ocean. Thank you for your time.

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We love the sandy beaches, not the rocky ones so much if that helps.

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Years ago we did much camping along Washington, Oregon coasts, and into the redwoods. It was wonderful, and while I can’t give you many specifics, the Washtington coasts have amazing miles and miles of sand, it gets rockier as you travel down into Oregon, and the redwoods (where we might have stayed in hotels and not camped—I don’t remember exactly) were amazing. We always car camped, using a tent and the car not that far away.

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yea, I cant get into the water off of the Washington beaches, waaay too cold. Seaside was better, I got all the way up to my chest, and stepped on a crab.

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Now there are warnings (at least in Washington State) about rogue waves and tsunamis all along the coast, and while I am sure useful, it takes some of the joyful abandon of being in the waves away.

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I have camped on the whole coast and all is unique in its own way. If you want redwoods then you need to venture to the central coast below Crescent city past fort bragg, point arena, salt point to an area called Marin County and Then you go though san francisco past daily city to for even more redwood tree’s and views of the coast.

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As a kid, we used to camp a lot just south of Fort Bragg. It was really nice!
I live about an hour inland from Lincoln City on the Oregon coast. The beaches here are wonderful. There are a lot of rockier beaches that make it a wonderland for rock hunters, but there are plenty of sandy beaches to play on. The fishing is excellent, and surfing takes place despite the colder water. During the summer, the colder water feels good!

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There’s a great state-run campsite near Port Orford, OR (probably 100 miles south of Seaside). I don’t remember the name, but it’s the place to be in that section of the coast. I spent two nights there last spring, I highly recommend it.

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I lived in Gold Beach on the Oregon coast for more than 10 years, and if the campground doesn’t have to be on the beach, I’d recommend Quosatana. It’s 14 miles up the Rogue River from Gold Beach. The campsites are generously sized, with lots of big trees perfect for climbing, and there’s a good swimming hole there. Wind surfing is is a popular watersport along the coast between Gold Beach and Brookings, but even in summer, the surfers wear wetsuits. Locals usually swim in the river rather than the ocean – it’s still pretty cold, even in northern California.

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@Mamradpivo do you mean Humbug? I’ve driven through there hundreds of times but never camped there.

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