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What are some products that are used for acoustics in a building?

Asked by chiplmprincessa (70points) March 1st, 2010

Can you describe it for me? And what it looks like and stuff? Because I’m trying to draw a product that is used for acoustics in a building because I’m the president/leader of my Science Club and we are working on ’‘sound’’ this week. And so I wanna show them a product that is used for acoustics in a building. And this IS NOT homework because our club is just for fun! And we aren’t science dorks either. We started this club 1. because we love doing experiments 2.We are a group of friends who like to get together a lot and we get bored easily so why not do a bunch of experiments? and 3. We all LOVE science class so why not get extra credict by having fun! And our club isn’t boring! Every 30 minutes we make snacks and go on the internet to look up more experiments to do that have to do with our topic. And trust me we have fun during the club part. We show each other little projects that we make, we watch tv a lot, and trust me it isn’t boring. But ANYWAY please answer my question because I really want to bring it to show it at my science club (which by the way is at my house) and it’s tomorrow so please hurry!

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(Empty) egg trays.

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If you search Google for acoustics materials, you get a bunch of hits with images including this one.

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Check out They sell a ton of products that can be used to treat every acoustic situation. I purchased a sound isolation booth from them.

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You can use empty egg cartons, but you’d need a lot.

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Save me the eggs, okay?!

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There are many different ceiling tiles on the market for drop in ceiling grids. Some have acoustical properties. Most have formaldehyde.

There are a number of fabric or synthetic wall panels on the market used to absorb sound in rooms with too many hard surfaces.

Carpet is more absorptive than hardwood or certain tiles. Acoustics is sometimes a consideration when selecting flooring material.

Mechanical HVAC ducts are sometimes wrapped in or lined with insulation in sound sensitive environments. There are a number of design considerations taken in duct design to reduce noise – placement of elbows and tees, insulation, duct sizing, etc.

If you need a product sample by tomorrow, hit the phone book and start calling vendors. Or, just go down to a building supply store and grab a free carpet sample.

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