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Do you participate in any online forums? Which ones and why? How is that different than your experience on Fluther?

Asked by MrChattyCathy (10points) March 1st, 2010

I realize that Fluther is mostly about questions and answers. But since it also has discussions and chat, I’m wondering why others out there would participate on Fluther rather than other forums (message boards) that are out there.

I’m just curious.

I personally like a site like this because it makes it easier to find interesting questions to answer or topics to discuss. I usually find message boards very difficult to decipher and navigate.

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I used to participate on the ihiqs forums until I realized that most of the people there were complete self-important twits. In addition to fluther, of course, I participate in the technical froums of ar15 .com.

Both ihiqs and the ar15 technical forums are easy to navigate, but they both differ wildly from fluther in terms of what type of people post there and the main topics of the sites.

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I belong to many other cites and forums.
The difference is no other cites have the level of censorship that exist on here.
I still log on here because some of the people are enjoyable to chat with.
Honestly most of my questions will be asked on less restrictive cites.
I live in America and censorship is something I disrespect.
On we have no censorship. Ning is a new cite.

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I am a member of 5 other forums, 2 are work related and I suppose they all could be similar in terms of social exchange that takes place here…it just comes down to where I choose to invest my time and cultivate friendships.

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Nope. Just fluther for me.

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I go on and off, the only one I have really ever been very interested in was for a little game I was testing/developing called “World of Goo”, and the people there were great. After the release, it got a bit too chaotic, and I eventually left :\

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Because isn’t a “singular” forum. It’s way more broad. I think most forums are questions and answers about specifics. Fluther is a pioneer, an that’s why we we love it!!! (or me at least)

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