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Why is Fluther having so many issues recently?

Asked by timtrueman (5748points) March 1st, 2010

Actually I know the answer but I figure it would be good to field any questions you have about recent Fluther woes.

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Maybe now would be a good time to tell us the real answer..

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We use Slicehost to host our servers and that means we share physical computers with others. All the resources are distributed fairly except for access to the hard disk. Basically another person was hogging access to the disk (which is where all our data is stored—questions, answers, messages, users, etc.). Our database server does hundreds of queries per second normally so you can imagine if someone were to block access to the database every page is going to load very slowly since it has to wait for seconds for each query to complete (normally a query should take a few milliseconds tops).

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The solution is going to be to move our fluther of a dozen servers off Slicehost (yes, I just used the word fluther in a sentence legitimately without referring to our site). But in the short run we need a solution to prevent this from disrupting our site…

Tonight we’re going to resize our database to take over the whole physical box so we are more or less guaranteed access to the disk and our database. Unfortunately this may last a few hours.

OK, any questions?

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Good luck, boys!

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Oh c’mon Tim, don’t be so naive.
It’s the Reptilians who are behind it.

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I think it’s a few rebel jelly fish. Those wacky invertebrates will sting you… old school.

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Question- how long will Fluther be down (guesstimate) and what will we do while refreshing constantly and weeping?

Seriously though-any idea what time the Fluther will begin changing seas?

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@timtrueman Thank you for letting us in on what’s going on. I thought it was my computer this afternoon. The little loading wheel just kept spinning & spinning. I think we’d all agree that we can sacrifice a few hours in the middle of the night for you guys to get this fixed. If anyone disagrees with me on that, I’d say to them ‘get a life!’ Good luck to you all in getting us up back & running again at normal speed & efficiency. :-}

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So this means The Bachelor will get my undivided attention this evening?

Shit, did I say that out loud?

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We’re not 100% what time we will start. We’ll put the exact time in the message at the top as soon as we figure the details out. Honestly there’s very little way to know how long it will take. It will be in Slicehost’s hands and they said anywhere from 20 minutes to “hours”. I’d bet about two hours. Hopefully there’s a special two hour episode of The Bachelor to tide you over while we’re down.

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But seriously, Andrew spilled bongwater on the hard drive again didn’t he?

c’mon, I have $20 bucks riding on this with @gailcalled.

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It was actually Ben’s beard clippings clogging up the works.

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hippies. . .

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@andrew As if. Those are all saved in my giant “beard capsule”.

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time release or suppository?

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Phhhffffttt!!! My money is on a Nerf football gone astray in Fluther headquarters. ;)

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I think you’re all mistaken. A Romulan war vessel has just de-cloaked off the port bow. Shut up and load the photon torpedoes!

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Edit: nevermind.

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Maybe Fluther wasn’t breast-fed.

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@Captain_Fantasy: I knew it. La Leche’s behind the whole thing!

Perhaps breast milk was spilled on the hard drive?

Legitimate question: Will anything else be different, or will it just be the speed at which our dear fluther loads?

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Looks like things are good now. Fluther’s trucking right along. :-) Thanks. guys.

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Bigger, badder, and faster! SuperFluther!

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Here is a thought why not make it easier to block remove or stop following questions, or if you have to do it one at a time after you stop following you go back to the page you were on and not the most current page making you remember where you were so you can go back and finish thinning the herd.

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