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How would you rate President Obama for the work he has done in his first year as president, and why? Be specific.

Asked by EgaoNoGenki (1152points) March 1st, 2010

What did he do to have you rate highly of him?

What did he do to have you rate lowly of him?

When you mix the high and low factors, what do you ultimately get?

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If you’re actually asking that question, you don’t really want to hear my answer and I don’t really want to discuss it. I’ll express my opinion at the polls in 2010 and 2012.

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I find him lacking in experience, His political life beforehand was short. If his resume was a bit longer, I’d be way more comfortable.

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On a scale of 1 to 10? That kind of rating? Okay, let’s go with 4 and that’s because of lack of experience like @ArtiqueFox pointed out, not a lot of change in the current climate of things since he’s assumed the presidency, and he inherited a train load of shit (pardon my French) from that moron George Bush and it’s going to take a long time and a Herculean effort to put many things back together. More than one presidential term’s worth of time too.

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Don’t answer. It’s a trap!

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On a scale of 1 to 10? -10^6. I gave Cheney -∞

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@Captain_Fantasy. Whoops! Too late! =)

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Pretty bad. I loathe him as a person and think he is doing a bad job as president, the two being separate evaluations. If he picks up the pace and does a good job, I shall re-evaluate the job performance but still loathe him as a person.

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He is and will not do much anything in office that he claimed he’s going to do.

He did stop the FDA from raiding lawfully operating medical marijuana dispensaries which is why I didn’t give an F.

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I think he’s great. He’s trying to function in a world of crazies, and it seems like he is amazingly maintaining his sanity, his humor, and his brilliance. He will be one of the best presidents we ever have had or will have.

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-10 making things worse is not the change he promised, but it is all we have gotten.

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Hello again.

The above question was the question to an essay for a scholarship that I just submitted. Thank you all for your responses. Not only did a few of yours influence the direction of this essay, I also looked at sources on other sites as well (’s “1st year in review” video, et al.) in order to get the material I needed to write the scholarship essay.

Again, thanks.

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What work has he done?? I think, he thinks, he’s still campaigning. At least Bush kept us safe from the Fanatics. Unfortunately with Obama, I’m waiting for something bad to happen. Bush may have left us a 100 billion deficit, but Obama has put it in the Trillions. Maybe it’s time we all vote independant and get rid of the two party system we seem to be stuck with. Both parties don’t give a crap about us, only their own selfish agendas.

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There should be a choice to vote for

█ None of the above

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The Vulcan Science Directorate has determined, that realistically, he deserves a B- or a C+, mainly because he let himself be pushed around by the republicans and treasonous democrats. But it seems he is growing some balls now so his score might improve.
As a person, I give him an A-. He seems like one of the few decent people in the history of American Politics.
and the deficit already was over a trillion when he came into office, and the Bush regime let 9/11 happen so you can not honestly claim that he kept you safe from fanatics

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@ragingloli Ummmm….Bush “let” 9/11 happen????? I’m not sure we can place the blame for 9/11 on anyone, but if we must pick someone, let’s go with Clinton, who paid no attention to Bin Laden when he could have taken him down. However, I don’t lean heavily toward blaming Clinton even. No matter what one thinks of Bush, there were zero terrorist attacks in the 7 years after 9/11. And, ummm, how many have we had in the last year? At least two, one of which, thankfully, did not kill anyone, but which would have blown hundreds of people out of the sky if it had worked. Oh, and then the Obama admin totally screws up and treats the terrorist like a common criminal. Oh yeah, then the Obama Atty General, with Obama’s blessings wants to get almost as crazy as he can possibly get and move the trials of the worst of the terrorists (Obama did agree that the guy is a terrorist….he said he WOULD be convicted) to NY to try them in CIVILIAN courts. Really, really smart moves. Yeah, I’m thinking this guy is doing a fabulous job and I’m not even going to other issues, just the safety of our citizens right here on our own turf.

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Clinton tried to take him down, but he could not do it because the CIA and the FBI refused to certify that he was a threat. When Clinton left office he left information about the potential threat from bin laden, which was summarily ignored by the Bush Regime. And don’t forget the shoe bomber, which occured under the Bush Regime’s watch.

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obama is ruining the country as fast as possible. yes, bush had deficits, obama has tripled everything bush gave him. the country is broke, we are borrowing money from other countries , and this is how we plan to pay for all the wonder things obama proposes. that might be great, except we are expected to repay everything we borrow, plus interest. we wont get to file for bankruptsy

i do not think obama has the experience to get anything done. he sees the world as he wants it to be, not as it actually is. there are things that he wants to do, that ARE good ideas, IF you implement them very, very slowly, unfortunately its got to be done right this second, all $100 trillion, and as a result everyone is scared to see these gigantic bills pass into law…... the best thing they could focus on, would be cutting non essential spending, cut the size of the government, save as much as possible, pass laws that do not cost us $$....... ” reform insurance company laws, etc”

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I think Obama needs more time. I’m thinking 25 to life might be appropriate.

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@plethora I think we hate the idea of a president-for-life.

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@EgaoNoGenki That was a prison sentence…:)

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@ragingloli Pardon me for even replying to a left wing ultraliberal, dear. I’ve promised myself I won’t do that anymore, but I must confess I do fall off the wagon. Im climbing back on now.

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Sorry, I thought you were interested in the facts, but I was clearly mistaken. You go on wallowing in your lack of knowledge.

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