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How long can Puppy Love last before the relationship goes to the Dogs?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30938points) March 1st, 2010

When the Honeymoon is over… What is required to keep the Love alive?

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When the puppy starts to pee on you.

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A mean of 276 days with a standard deviation of 12.67 days.

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@dpworkin the standard deviation is really that tight!?

My wife wants to know why I’m not working ; )

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Tazers are usually required.

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In my short experience, it takes constantly renewing and refreshing the relationship. You have to take vacations alone, do things that you did when you met like go dance at a club and get wasted together and stuff.

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How long does the usual honeymoon phase last? Because it’s been 2 and a half years and it’s not, for us but maybe it’s because we didn’t go on a honeymoon when we got married, :)~

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Any relationship has ruff spots but if it’s meant to be, there will come a moment that gives you paws, and when you realize just whats at steak, any bone you’ve got to pick will seem insignificant.

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A moment that gives you paws? Sounds lycanthropic.

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And its a dog gone shame when that happens.

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Are you married or living together? you did not not say. a relationship is what two people make it. its not all just sex and good times. its companionship and learning and doing things together. puppy love is just the beginning. its the building blocks of two people learning and building on each others ideas and personalities. if you have not come this far in your relationship or you two seem to be going nowhere, then its time for a change and only you can make this decision.

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Well, these are some great dog puns, but I’m afraid I don’t have any for you. I’m just a kid but I can be deep when I feel. Just end the honeymoon stage and go into serious romance stage. Oh yeah, I mean kid like teenager.

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Ps, i agree with john65 guy

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Well, if you’re dating Donny Osmond

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If you find an answer, let me know.

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