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Why doesn't my site show for certain keywords on google?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) March 1st, 2010

I was wondering what else I can do to make my site show up on Google for more direct keywords. I have meta tags with keywords that are the same or better then some other sites that show up before me. I have all the other proper tags at the top of my site as well such as title description declarations etc. I have probably just as many links as other sites do. Most of the content on my site is all text and the few images I have use alt codes(except for some in the news section).

The only thing I can think is that my site has been in operation only about a month as compared to other sites which have been up 2 months or more. If I type the exact name of my site it pops up along with a bunch of other things that the site is mentioned on or a link to my site is on.

What else can I do. I’d like for example my site to come up for at least the keyword “ke$ha” or “kesha”

If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated!

If anyone is interested in looking at my code you can view the source of

I don’t want to mention other site names but you can find a series of Ke$ha fan site that pop up within the first page if you search on Google for Ke$ha or Kesha or Ke$ha fans

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make sure youre code is validated, invalid code screws up process that search engines use to crawl your site for data.

make sure youre using alt and title attributes for images

time time and more time. it takes time for small sites to come up on search engines. My first site didnt come up on top on google for like 6 months. even if i searched the actual domain name.

just takes time

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You might want to start working on some of the errors. Ignore the ones from youtube URLs. There isn’t anything you can do about those.

And play around with You can get a good idea of how google treats your site.

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Do sites run with Wordpress somehow stand a better chance at coming up higher on pages then other sites? It’s really odd but like 95% of the Ke$ha sites I have seen out there are all run on wordpress and look almost identical but with different colors…I don’t really understand that. I mean isn’t part of the fun and excitement of making a website have to do with building it from scratch? I looked into Wordpress and I am not saying it’s bad at all but overall I felt a little restricted with it and kind of like being able to do as I please with code(which could be a bad thing lol…considering that validation lol) I did validate the site when I first launched it but I should get in the habit of doing it weekly.

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I hate that I have to be the one who will take the heat for being the grammar police, and I’m sorry I’m not being helpful to you as far as answering your question, but it’s “than,” not “then,” when you are comparing things. “Then” introduces the next step in a progression, “than” is used for comparison. Please don’t hate me, I’m just looking out for you and my mother-tongue, which is slowly being killed by people whose only experience of language is through speech, music, and internet forums. It’s important to experience language through books too. The most thoughtful uses of language will always be found in the works of people who made it their life’s work to express thoughts and stories through language. Please be thoughtful about your use of our language. Again, sorry for not helping you with your question. Best of luck!

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Wordpress can help with SEO, because people running blogs who update regularly will get picked up sooner by search engines, Wordpress generates a lot of meta data too that can be crawled by search engines.

Are you talking about or the hosted Wordpress blogs ( are fairly limited in what you can do with them. Downloading Wordpress from is much different, you use Wordpress as the back end and do whatever the hell you please with the front end. Wordpress is one of the most extendable CMS’s out there and its free.

1. download wordpress –
2. read up on it –
3. dominate.

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@aeschylus – oops I guess it’s better you tell me THAN let me sink into the depth of our uneducated new society :)

@wenn – so your a Wordpress fan? heh
I would like to go with Wordpress but I’m afraid of feeling to template based and restricted. I don’t like that. Also yes, I was talking about the one you would download. Does it really do that much as far as SEO goes? I mean you technically can do whatever Wordpress can do on a site built from scratch right?

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Wordpress is database driven and content is dynamic, which is more SEO friendly. Just building some static HTML/CSS pages is not as SEO friendly because its static.

And why do you think Wordpress would be limiting or restricting? this baffles me. There are tons and tons of ways to build a Wordpress site.

Are you just afraid of learning how to build a WP Theme or learning how to use WP? I don’t get it. Read up, do some digging, find some good WP sites and then judge it. Not every WP site out there is a cookie cutter blog about celebrity gossip.

If you ever want to take your web design/development knowledge to any sort of next level you need to experiment with different technologies. Static HTML is not going to get you very far.

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