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You borrow your friends iPod cable and lose it. Do you spend the $20 to replace the authentic iPod cable or do you buy the $3 Belkin variety?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11431points) March 1st, 2010

The cable you lost sells for $20.
However you can buy a cable with the same functionality for $3.
Is it tacky to replace the ridiculously high priced cable with the cheaper cable?

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I would replace it with the identical one that got lost.

What would you want them to do if the situation were reversed and they lost yours?

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Yeah, it’s tacky because it was your friend’s cable, not yours.
$20 isn’t that ridiculous. Replace it with the same one.

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A third vote for the $20 cable. You are bothered by the idea enough to ask the question. For an extra $17 you can be rid of the anxiety.

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It was my cable.

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Ha! You agree it has the same functionality, be a mensch and say thanks.

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I dont have an issue with it. I didnt pay $20 for it. It came with the pod.
I’d replace the $20 cable myself but I dont hold it against the person.
I say “good on them!” for not putting more $ into Steve Jobs’ pocket.

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I am sure you are in a rush but I bought (atleast what looks like) a Brand New authentic Iphone charger cable which I believe is very similar or the same to an Ipod charger on ebay for $5. No it was not from China and all those cheap knock off things ebay is plagued with, it was pretty legit. If it was a fake you could fool me cause it was identical to my real one and came sealed just like the original did. Maybe you should go that route.

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Honestly, I’d let it slide and just not let them borrow anything again. If I was the person who lost the cable, I’d replace it with the identical (official) one.

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You need to fix your Question/Details issue first.

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@Captain_Fantasy I’m confused now. Do you mean it was your friend who lost your cable? If so, they should have the decency to replace it with the identical cable and not a cheap version of it. They borrowed it. They lost it. They should replace it with the same one.

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Whats wrong with my details?

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How is that even a dilemma? You should return what you borrowed. Looks like it’s going to cost you $20 to do it.

[Edit]...should have cost your friend $20 to do it. What are you really asking, if it was your cable and your friend lost it? Are you asking if your friend’s choice was tacky?

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well, in my experience, those belkin cables give out quick. spend the $20.

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It seems ok so far.

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I would be peeved if someone did that to me. Mostly because I sell my old iPods when a new one comes out. It is nice to have all the packaging, manuals, and accessories that came with it. If I had to sell it with the cheap cable that is less I could get for it when I sell it.

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You call your friend, tell them what happened, and ask which they would prefer.

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Buy the name brand cable. That’s what you lost, that’s what you should replace.

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I would spit in your eye if you showed up with a belkin replacement!

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Read the entire discussion. Someone lost his cable and replaced it with the cheap one.

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@Ltryptophan Spit in your eye? lulz.

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I think it’s kind of a dick move

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Do you think your friends move was tacky? Is that what you’re really getting at. If I lost the cable, I’d replace it with the original, regardless of cost.

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Yeah, if I lost something of someone’s, I would try and replace it exactly if it were possible. I don’t know if I would care so much about it in this situation (if someone replaced it for me with a cheaper one), but I would try and replace it with the original for someone else.

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Ask him if he’s cool with a cheaper cable if you buy him a beer. That’s a win-win.

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@cockswain That is a true friendship!

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tell him to never lend stuff to a cheapskate.

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My daughter borrowed her dad’s GPS when we went on a vacation last spring. She lost the thin leather case (more like a covering) that came with it. The case is barely used because the GPS is normally stuck to the windshield, or in the glove compartment when not in use. I compared prices of the exact replacement and one that looked close to the original. The price difference was absolutely crazy but we left the store with the exact replacement. I know he wouldn’t have cared, but it was the right thing to do. You don’t replace with ‘cheap’ when it belongs to someone else. Not cool.

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I would pass the decision on to my friend – Let him decide if he wants the extra 17 bucks for dinner and gas or if he needs to have the brand name. If I were the owner of the cable, I’d tell my friend to buy the cheapest one. It’s just a bunch of wires in insulation, it’s made in China for less than a buck, and they’re probably the exact same product made in the exact same factory of the exact same materials from the exact same sources – one has just been branded Apple.

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@azazel lol, people make mistakes…even you!

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If it was mine I wouldn’t care as long as it worked.
I would ask him what he wants the ipod cable or the belkin and $17

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You wait until the friend gets the balls to ask for the cord after you avoid the blue blazes out of her, then you say “OOooHhhh YYyyEeah!!!? Riiiiiiight the coooooord, I’ll get that to you first thing!” That bought you like two days maximum. Buy both Cords while you are waiting on the friend to get the nerve up to demand the cord back. Save the receipts, and make sure you get them from a place with a super liberal return policy. Carefully open the expensive model, and have it somewhere safe and handy where you won’t lose it again that looks natural in case the friend shows up wild eyed. Now hope and pray that they drop that ipod, or get in some sort of fiscal jam that will entail getting rid of that Ipod.

You might call the copyright police on them to get that Ipod confiscated to… They might just be thievish hoodlum like you. Birds of a flea lay down together.

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The cheaper one. The friend will understand.

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Buy a used ipod cord on eBay

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You replace like-for-like, everytime, without question….. unless you have no respect for your friend or their property.

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buying a Belkin cable is not replacing what you lost – replacing it means replacing exactly the same one.

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Ask your friend if you can buy the ipod. Try to talk them down since they are your friend. Then sell the ipod sans cable on ebay for a profit.

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I’d tell my friend I lost it, and then talk it over with ‘em, and come to a decision based on which one they would prefer, combined with my current budget.

If they were really my friend I wouldn’t be afraid to tell them my mistake.

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