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If you listed the places you've lived so far on your profile, what order did you use and why?

Asked by mcbealer (10182points) March 1st, 2010

Chronological? Alphabetical? (like me) Other?
I often wonder this when I read other jellies’ profiles.
Of course, as we get to know one another some users refer to their actual present day location…

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Closest to my present location to farthest, no reason

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I never thought about it, but it goes in reverse chronological order. Except that L.A. should also be at the end.

I guess there really isn’t any reason behind it.

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Divine revelation.
I prayed and fasted for weeks before my vision. i still sometimes agonize over their placement but i can’t look back

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From birth on. Because that’s in the order it came to me.

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chronological, made sense.

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I started out chronologically, switched to randomly in the middle, and then back to chronological ending at my next to last location. I have just moved so will have to edit.

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@rooeytoo ~ ha ha, I started out chronologically then switched to alphabetical to throw ‘em off

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Mine are listed by height.

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@filmfann LOLL.

Since I’ve only lived in 2 states, I listed them first to last & said “in that order”.

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Chronological, alphabetical, geographical, and scatalogical.

I’ve only lived in the one place.

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Random, apparently.

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Mine are chronological in that they list the country or region that I’ve lived in while being stationed or deployed various times in my military career.

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these are all very interesting responses so far…

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I listed them from most recent on down. I left out a few along the way just because I’d rather forget them.

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I went in chronological order. I guess so I wouldn’t forget one. Yes, I’m really that stupid.

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Chronological – only the highlights, I skipped a lot of them.

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Just threw some shit at a map and whatever stuck?

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@SeventhSense I think he’s saying “It’s the shit”!

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