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Who was Colonel Hyde?

Asked by JimmyG (122points) March 2nd, 2010

All I have is from a letter written in 1787:
“Sir Geo. Yonge has done me the honor to send me some Coppies of letters which have passed between Col’l. Hyde, Lord Cornwallis & others respecting plants in India, & of the Botanical Gardens there”

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I have not found the answer to your quest, but i am sill researching.

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A couple of leads:

There is a Colonel West Hyde mentioned in the 1796 book Epistles domestic, confidential, and official, from General Washington. He is a British officer negotiating with the Americans for a prisoner exchange.

After the American Revolution, Lord Charles Cornwallis served as governor general of India.

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@jaytkay Right, Cornwallis was GG of India at the time the letter was written. Can’t find much on West, except that he was apparently in a duel… Thanks.

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mmm…i’ll go seek.

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