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Why is my cars original muffler still in good shape?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) March 2nd, 2010

Stupid question? maybe. here goes. my automobile was built in 2000. it has 241,000 miles on it and the original factory muffler and tailpipe. is this some kind of motoring marvel? is this unheard of in todays mechanical world? i am amazed that everything on my vehicle is the original equipment, except the radiator and timing belt. i am not bragging…........have i just been blessed?

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You probably do not have much snow in your area for significant amounts of salt to be laid during winter time. I would also guess that you frequently run your car through a carwash that cleans the undercarriage of your car of mud and dirt that can trap moisture on the surface of the metal.

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Nashville has its share of snow and salt covered roads. we travel a lot and maybe that keeps the moisture out of my exhaust system. think so?

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Hmmmm…it could be stainless steel and you drive alot of miles which doesn’t allow water to condensate or the muffler Gods are smiling down upon your car :)

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Stainless is the obvious answer.

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I live in southern California, and no one has to replace their exhaust unless it gets stolen for the Platinum in the Catalytic Converter.

It just depends on the climate I suppose.

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Stainless steel is hardly used in production line. It is typically an after-market product. Besides, it’s practically only 10 years old. My 18 year old Toyota with 219K miles has gone thru 2 starters, 2 blower fan motors, an alternator and a waterpump, still has its original exhaust system and passes emissions inspection without any problem.

I would tend to believe that total care of a vehicle helps prolong its useful life.

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My truck has 187,000 miles on it and the exhaust system is still perfect. Most all the miles are highway miles. Keeping the system hot extends the life…short trips kills it

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I suspect its made of stainless steel.

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