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Is Cap and Trade further proof Lobbyists are creating our current Government Policies?

Asked by Cruiser (40401points) March 2nd, 2010

Global warming is now officially a bust, cap and trade is all but dead what new global issue will money hungry corporations brew up that we will end up paying for?

I recently read about how John Rowe CEO of Exelon has all but thrown in the towel over fighting to help his company boost it’s profits by pressing Congress to pass Cap and Trade legislation over emissions emitted by coal fired electrical generating plants.

Quote: “Mr. Rowe has been a high-profile lobbyist for carbon limits, which would benefit Exelon because its nuclear power plants don’t emit greenhouse gases. But without the cap-and-trade legislation, wholesale electric prices — by far the most important factor determining Exelon’s profits — are expected to stay low.”

A perfect example of the axiom of “Follow the Money” and it will lead you to who is driving these pieces of legislation and you find the truth of the matter. Without cap and trade Exelon’s profits will remain lower than needed which will depress it’s stock price below the level it needs to leverage mergers it needed to buy out it’s competitors in a bid to make it the single largest utility provider.

I mean we may not give a $hit over Exelons profits…obviously they do…and apparently they convinced enough congressmen to press for Cap and Trade legislation all because the most powerful lobbyist. So I am asking what others Jellies thoughts are on these lobbyist driven legislation. Was cap and trade really about greenhouse gases or more about raising the price of electricity so nuclear power becomes more profitable?

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Or maybe cap and trade makes power companies pay for use of public property – the atmosphere – instead of allowing them to dump waste into it for free. In the same way companies can’t dump their solid waste on the street.

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They have been creating government policy for decades and decades. Did you really need further proof?

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I missed the part about global warming/climate change being hooey. I mean, I know some folks don’t believe it, but that doesn’t make it fake. or do you mean just the legislation being a bust?

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@davidbetterman I just would like to see more voters aware of this fact.

@laureth @ Kinda both! The scientists who generated the facts and figures that jump started the global warming movement have recently admitted they fudged the numbers, is that not enough for you to see it was a sham?

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@Cruiser Indeed. It would be nice to see them pull their heads out of their asses the sand and take a real hard look around!

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The government will jump at any chance to raise taxes and especially if it is a tax disguised as noble intentions such as the C and T tax. The fact that others may profit by the tax is not the driving factor. The income tax is not there because accountants profit from its presence. It is there because the government is able to collect it by using class envy as tool. To the government, it is just one more source of revenue. Only us naive citizens imagine it might be something else. Having gotten that out of the way, there is no reason to think that you are incorrect about Exelon. Since nuclear solves lots of energy problems, I hope Rowe thinks up another scheme to advance nuclear to replace coal.

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Because everything that hackers find, spread, and which gets selectively filtered by various outlets can be considered far more of a reliable source than the consensus of scientists worldwide who still measure things? I am not so sure. Sounds more like doubters making hay than anything reputable.

“The evidence pointing to a growing human contribution to global warming is so widely accepted that the hacked material is unlikely to erode the overall argument. However, the documents will undoubtedly raise questions about the quality of research on some specific questions and the actions of some scientists.” Source

I’m amused that the people jumping quickly and furiously on this bandwagon seem to be the same ones who usually say the media is so full of lies that it cannot possibly be trusted.

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Global warming isn’t a bust. We haven’t really been studying global warming long enough to know a natural trend from a human influenced interference. We keep pumping c02 in to the air, it will undoubtedly get warmer. That is a fact. Have we pumped enough c02 in to the atmosphere to over power the natural processes that remove it from the air? We don’t know yet. Either way, cap and trade is a bad idea at this point or any point. There have to be other ways.

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