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How much is a dachshund?

Asked by marty97 (16points) March 2nd, 2010

I decided to buy a dachshund! It is beautiful! I do not know whether to buy a male or female… I do not know the cost… Help!

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I’d go online and see if there if there’s a Dachshund rescue close-by.

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The average price is $500.

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thanks!! Respond please! is very important!

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Purebred puppies always cost significantly more than those coming from rescue groups or the Humane Society and other similar groups. Purebreds can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars, depending on the pedigree and status of their parents.

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titsMcGhee thanks!!!

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They are very expensive.

Have you considered getting a rescued dog? They are just as affectionate, but more in need of a good home. They will love you to the ends of the earth, and will never talk back. Think about it.

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@marty97 respond!!!!!!

Tits and Marinelife have answered your question(s), if you need more answers you’d have to provide us with your location so we can do specific research for you on the local going rate.

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Please reconsider…I’ve just had to have my miniature dachshund put to sleep today, I’m devastated. She was only 2½ years old and was just running down the stairs and suffered a prolapsed disc…she was left paralysed. Apparently it is a common problem in dachshunds that they are prone to back problems due to their long backs.

I paid £800 for her but she was worth every penny…she had a lovely placid disposition and was a lovely pet. She will be sadly missed.

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My grandparents’ last dachshund (they raised 3 or 4 over a 30 year period) had the same problem – it’s definitely not uncommon for the breed. I’m sorry for your loss, I would be devastated as well.

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@definitive That is so very sad. The house seems so very empty without our furry friends doesn’t it? We were in a similar situation when our lovely dog died. However, I now have three, yes three, dogs. Just couldn’t imagine not having dogs in my life.

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@FutureMemory and @partyparty…many thanks for your responses.

Yes the house seems very empty and its going to take time to adjust :(

My daughter is grief stricken as Pippa went everywhere with her in the house. The house isn’t the same…I’m sure it will get easier. I’m not sure at this stage whether we will get another dog though.

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My two standard long-hairs were $800 each in 2002–2003 dollars. In 2006 I purchased a miniature long-hair for $450, at a 50% discount. Why the discount? Unknown, I just took the great bargain. He had to be put down after 3½ years due to myasthenia gravis, something l’l mini dachsies are suseptible to. But that was unknowable until it’s sudden & horrible onset. They have been the best dogs and companions I have ever had.

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