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If one question could be selected to promote what fluther is all about,which would you choose & why?

Asked by ucme (46638points) March 2nd, 2010

A question that best sums up this particular community over others.Not necessarily the one with the most answers or lurve.One which in your opinion had everything required to make it stand out.The mood of the thread, the humour within, the debate, the conclusion.I’m aware a question exists where there was a proposal of marriage, which will probably get a mention, but i’m looking for an as yet unheralded,worthy contender. If indeed there is one.

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Am I pregnant?

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A dubious badge of honour goes to that infamous turkey.

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This one? ;)

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the one where wtf proposed

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Even been invisible?

This question shows how caring many of the members are here at Fluther.

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This is by far the best representation of what the fluther ccommunity can be at it’s best. @Simone_De_Beauvoir mentioned it first but I had to include a link.

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This one. Because it has all of our best moments.

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I hate competitive questions like this. They go counter to the fluther spirit, imo.

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That one question about 2012 being the end of the world.

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@wundayatta Not entirely suprised by that response.In this case you’re wrong,not an opinion, fact.The intent of the question was to gather examples of what brings out the best in folk on here.A flavour of questions that prompted a positive thread.Where any debate or subsequent disagreements were dealt with in a positive mature fashion & were resolved amicably.Those with a competitive streak on here shall be left to their own devices.Myself, I consider some of the more desperate cravings for attention utterly pathetic.This manifests itself in various ways,an overly competitive tendency being one example of this.

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Umm, @ucme, did you ever consider how people who are left out might feel? Obviously not. I don’t care about your intent. I care about the impact questions like this have on the community. If it’s a question that calls for inequality—placing one jelly above all the others, or even several jellies above the others, it is, in my opinion, a destructive, mean-spirited question, no matter what your intent.

This question calls for judgments about others. As such, it is subject to popularity issues, issues of what people know about, and things of that nature. It appeals to the cliquish nature of people who have their own little hobby horses to ride.

This is no way to bring out the best in people. I mean look at some of the top questions—one is unintentionally a laughingstock, and the other is a celebration of a marriage. Is this how we want to be known? Really? A place full of cliques and teasers? Did a one of these questions appeal to the intellect? Did any of them seem particularly thoughtful? I dunno, I haven’t gone back to look at them, so I suppose there might be some, but there are far too many ones chosen purely for insider entertainment value. I don’t that that’s any way to advertise a website that prides itself on being inclusive and intellectual.

But even if there were questions that I thought were representative of the flavor of fluther, it would be bullshit. We all have different opinions. The only opinions that count, however, are those of the people who propose questions. Of course the popular questions will be put forth. They’re the ones people know about. But do they really promote fluther? Obviously, I don’t think so.

All I’m saying, and I’ve been warning about this a number of times, so perhaps people are thinking “there he goes again,” is that this is the edge of a slippery slope. People already think there are cliques and such. This kind of thing only makes it worse, by excluding people who don’t know the references or people who don’t belong to the popular groups. Which, I fear, are beginning to conglomerate.

Perhaps this place has outgrown me. There are some places I cannot follow.

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@Wundayatta Strange thing is you share my views on this particular subject.Somethings getting lost in translation.Still,not going to waste time banging heads.Moving on.

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You can lead a horse to water. You can’t make him drink.

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This is simply a microcosm of the macrocosm. We see here on a small scale the politics of our world. Interesting how it plays out the same. But it makes sense if we have a large enough cross section of the populace.

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….& a pencil must be lead.

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And are you trying to draw an analogy with my comment?

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@SeventhSense Not at all. See the one above yours.

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