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Anyone have (or have had) a black widow (or any other species of widow) problem?

Asked by TILA_ABs_NoMore (895points) March 2nd, 2010

I have a horrible brown widow infestation (yes…I said brown!), mainly in my back yard. The eggs are all over the place, under lawn furniture, my childrens toys, etc. I have had an exterminator come twice in the last year and they keep coming back. I’m scared to let my kids go outside and play!!! I’ve even gathered up some of the eggs myself and torched them but one of them broke and little widows crawled out all over so that was not the best of ideas, but I dont know how else to get rid of them!! Help!!! :-O

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Hire a professional pest exterminator perhaps?

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From :

The best means of control is to remove the hiding places for spiders such as piles of wood, debris, and clutter. Plug plaster cracks, holes, and spaces around windows, doors, and walls. Routinely inspect the underside of outdoor tables and chairs. Spiders can be physically removed carefully. There are chemical controls and treatments available to control populations.

If you find evidence of these spiders in other areas of San Diego County such as Alpine, Pine Valley, Ramona, or Julian, please contact the Entomology Department. (

Hope this can help you.

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don’t kill black widows, they’re cool

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@neverawake Not so cool when they can kill your kids :-/

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I have a lot of brown recluse spiders in my area. It comes with the southern pines. Spraying the house keeps them outside.

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@TILA_ABs_NoMore oh. then that’s understandable.

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