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What do you know about a weird internal itching sensation?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20117points) March 2nd, 2010

I know it sounds strange, but I sometimes get a very intense itching sensation(it comes from inside of me)in the rib cage and within the chest. It feels as though I want to scratch the inside of those parts. It certainly is not dermatological, there is no rash! It is an infuriating feeling. Has anyone had that and been diagnosed?

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It sounds very annoying. It also sounds like a random nerve firing for some odd reason, and your brain is interpreting it as an itch. If it gets really bad, a neurologist can do nerve conduction studies to isolate it.

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Could it be shingles or does that present with an external rash as well?

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Shingles hurts!

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The best thing to do is to make a Doctor’s appointment and not to panic. Listening to folks on the internet can cause worry.

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I would stop eating wool immediately.

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@dpworkin Not necessarily. I had it over 10 years ago under both boobs. I thought I’d go crazy with the itching. Couldn’t wear a bra for about 6 weeks. I had no pain with it at all.

@ZEPHYRA Have you had any kind of surgeries within the last few months?

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Oh and stop wearing wool bras…

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@SeventhSense OMG…I’m glad you didn’t say that then! I’d have scratched myself raw! LOLLLLLLLLL

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