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When you feel like you are coming down with a cold (and you really, really don't want to,) do you have a special home remedy that you swear by?

Asked by jealoustome (1514points) March 2nd, 2010

I used to eat a bunch of garlic when I felt like I might get a cold. It worked (I don’t care if it was a placebo effect, so please don’t tell me that it couldn’t have worked,) but I smelled awful. Do you have a home remedy or holistic recipe that you think keeps a cold from happening?

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When Im sick, I put lemon juice in everything. and lots of it. No sugar. It helps me, but it might be too sour for you.

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Zycam ad Emergen-C (I haven’t had a cold all winter while everyone around me is dropping like flies!)

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Egg drop soup, mu shu shrimp, and a shoulder massage.

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Unfortunately I know too much about rhinovirus for placebo to work for me.

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12 hours of sleep.

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@mcbealer @Judi I forgot about emergen-c!

@Bellumbri I love lemon juice on everything. In fact, I have some right here…

@Likeradar My mom used to make egg drop soup for me whenever I had a stomach ache. Good memories.

@dpworkin I feel sorry for you, because it’s nice to be placeboed sometimes. :)

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Tea, Tea, Tea, Tea, Hot Shower, Sleep, Sleep, Tea ,Tea… repeat. Works every time.

I’ll have to try the garlic thing. Why do people think garlic smells bad? I love garlic and its smell on skin. It’s awesome how it just streams out of the pores. Yum.

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@aeschylus I like the smell of garlic, too. And the smell of garlic sweat (I’m part-Italian. It’s in my genetic code.) But, unfortunately, those around me (typical Lithuanians) did not.

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Yes, I ride mass transit to work. I have a killer immune system! :-)

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@HungryGuy I used to ride mass transit to work too. I believe that is where I contracted Parvo which is what killed my immune system. :)

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I am fighting one now.I use C,Lysine and zinc,and gargle with vinegar.Kiss me! lol!

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@lucillelucillelucille Vinegar! I’m on it. Thanks!

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@jealoustome – Yes, Parvo B19 is a nasty virus to contract and is highly contagious, causing a rash and swolen joints that can last for several weeks. Not a pleasant thing to catch. But, like most viral infections, your body produces antibodies which confers immunity against future outbreaks. If your immune system is compromised, there must have been be some other agent at work prior to contracting Parvo.

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@mcbealer said it Emergen-C. Also I take echinaccea. It cuts down on mucus secretions and sneezing and shortens and makes my colds milder.

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@lucillelucillelucille – I’d love to kiss you :-p

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@jealoustome -Try it! It might help:)
@HungryGuy -Aww,shucks :)

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@HungryGuy The medical research I’ve read in the past has concluded that Parvo can be in your system for years and there is no definite point that you can be said to be Parvo-free. Many people suffer from chronic recurring illness related to Parvo. I did have very bad allergies growing up which is definitely an immune system issue. So, it’s possible I was already compromised.

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Menudo and Chinese Hot and Sour Soup.

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Garlic cloves, fresh Ginger and lemon juice with water. Boil it together and drink. Sometimes I add an orange.

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Airborne, extra sleep, lots of water, exercise, spending time in the ocean and sun, and gargling with salt water.

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Emergen-C, juice with vitamin C, echinacea, tea, rest. :)

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Soak in hot salt bath to sweat. Drink water, with liquid minerals, fresh sqeezed lemon in water. Sleep in a dark room with no noise.
I avoid aspirin as it hinders immune system. I also would avoid processed sugar and dairy products. Eat citrus, drink more water. Sleep more. Raw garlic cloves.
If your throat itches, gargle with warm salt water.
I take the natural way, I never take over the counter cold medicines anymore. And I have not had a cold or sore throat in five years. But if I did, this is what works for me. I have to show the virus who’s boss right away. At the first symptom. And it’s totally gone by morning.
good luck!

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For sure, stay away from all sorts of sugar.

I’ve been taking raw garlic, which has done a great job at keeping it from turning into a bacterial infection, and perhaps it’s kept the cold from being worse than it is…However, Oscillococinum is made for flu, but it also does a fair to decent job on any virus. Directions say take every 6 hours. Start taking at the first sign of symptoms.

I find good results with dividing the vials (take maybe ½ to ⅓ of a vial, which saves money). Also, in taking any homeopathic, avoid mint, menthol, and caffeine, (including chocolate, menthol cigarettes, mint gum, and mint toothpaste) for TWO HOURS before and after taking the homepathic. In addition, avoid food for maybe 20 minutes before and after taking, so it can do its stuff. Hope this helps.

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All you need to do is go buy echinachea. Im sorry if thats spelled wrong but im on my phone and too lazy to look it up. Aanyhow it tastes gross as hell but you just put some under your tongue a couple times a day and i can alllmost guarantee you wont get sick :)

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@deni, Yeppers for the echinacea. But if you have an auto-immune disease, or hormone issues, that’s not a good choice, except in very small doses, or under the advice of a naturopath, or someone likewise knowledgeable. So I have to find alternatives that won’t push my immune system over the edge.

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@judochop : i have this wonderful hippie type friend who makes some sort of tea with fresh ginger and i think that may be it! she swears by it….

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Yes, definitely Emergen-C (tangerine is best, imho). You can take up to 5,000 mg per day of C, but definitely take at least 1000, or even 2000. Also, take 50mg of zinc (that’s the stuff that makes Zicam effective). Echinacea and goldenseal may help as well.

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@judochop Yeah, that is really good grated raw ginger in a cup of hot water. the more, the merrier! So warm and good-good on the throat!
that is just plain delicious even if you’re not sick!

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Put pepper on everything you eat. Loads of it. My dad taught me that, it works.

Sounds insane but, also, eat a whole onion. Raw.

Tastes like ass, but it keeps the doctor away, unlike that shitty apple business.

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Hot green tea with lemon, honey and ginger. I drink this all the time when I have a cold and it works great. And I add a shot of whisky before bed.

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