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What do you think determines your heritage?

Asked by Pseudonym (2542points) March 2nd, 2010

Are you American if you are born in America? Say that you were born and lived your whole life in Mexico, but both of your parents were French. Are you French or Mexican? I had an interesting discussion about this, and I’m curious to see what you think.

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My parentage determines my heritage.
Where I was born deals with my citizenship.

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I personally think that heritage is determined by ancestry, not where you grew up or were born. So if both parents were French, then your heritage would most likely have french roots.

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There is one observing member and three composing members. How is this possible?

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Heritage is a general term that means the handing down of traditions or practices through the generations. All of the factors you mentioned combine to form the heritage of an individual. America itself is a beautiful example of this. For example, Italian-Americans with Italian parents. They learn Italian traditions and American ways, both of which combine to form their heritage.

Interracial couples are excellent examples as well. Their children learn both sides, and have a mixed heritage.

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I’m not dutch because my great grandparents lived in Holland


Your heritage is a combination of several things——your ancestry, the language(s) you speak, and your cultural upbringing and influences. For example, I have both Chinese and Japanese blood in me, but I was born and raised in Canada, and I have been culturally influenced by Canadian tradition and practices. But I was also influenced by my parents, and they instilled both Japanese and Chinese traditions in me as well as learning to speak the languages of both cultures. However, my main language is English, which is what I learned growing up and going to school in Canada.

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Ummmm…your heritage determines your heritage! I have heard the argument that your mothers heritage trumps the dads unless your mom is Ivanka then it’s a coin flip.


@Cruiser.—-Lol Too funny my friend!! And a great play on words there!

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@Pseudonym, I think those are counted separately. The ones who are composing are not observing. So that means 4 people total were on this page, 3 typing and 1 not typing.

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Where you were born determines your heritage. born in American, an American. born in Mexico, a hispanic. location of your birth determines your heritage. what you do and how your change this heritage is up to you. if you were born in America, but have hispanic parents, you are an American. thats pretty simple.

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The decisions made by my ancestors.

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