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Do you think you're smart?

Asked by nikipedia (28068points) March 5th, 2008

I do.

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Thanks. I’m delighted that you feel that way about me.

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Then spell it…(does anyone remember that joke)?

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Smarter than the average bear…err, I mean girl….

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Yeah, thanks!!!

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I’m usually the second smartest person in the room. Especially when I’m alone.

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This reminds me of my favorite quote from the film “Broadcast News.”

Network exec. to Holly Hunter (sarcastically) : It must be wonderful to always be the smartest person in the room.

Holly Hunter (seriously): No. It’s awful.

That’s how I feel.

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Posting so I fall under this umbrella of smartness!

Thanks for the compliment!

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Not to be smart, but didn’t nikipedia mean by “I do.” that she’s smart, not everyone who reads the question?

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yes. :)

Would you begrudge me a humorous moment and an attempt at modesty? /poke

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yes I think I’m smarter than everybody

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I think everybody’s smarter than anybody.

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@segheda: this is where our language is so interesting; that question, when read literally, cried out for the self-serving answer. She could have said, “I think that I am smart, ” to be on the safe side. Someday, if I have the energy, I might do a treatise on Fluther typos and misunderstandings. (Nice new avatar, BTW. I like the old one, also.)

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I think Nobody is smarter than Everybody and Somebody is smarter than Anybody.

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*segdeha – sorry; what’s it stand for, anyway?

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@gailcalled, Uh, it?

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Ahh, that it. Well, it’s a mystery, isn’t it? I’ll give you all 3 guesses, then I shall reveal all. (It’s not that interesting, actually.)

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Not a typo! I was curious how people would interpret it :)

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Guess #1:
It’s sledgehammer with the l,m,m,e,and r removed. And the d and g reversed.
(love edit!)

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but g comes before d :D

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@breedmitch, Nope.
@nikipedia, Mission accomplished!

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Okay so the joke is…do you spell “smart” or “it”-either way you’re wrong!

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Ya I am sharp

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You’re Goddamn right I do!

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I’m fucking smart.

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