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Is stopping mail delivery on Saturday a good idea?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) March 2nd, 2010

I was just thinking about what mail i usually receive in the mail on Saturday. to the best of my memory, its mostly junk mail. even if its something important, there is nothing i can do about it until Monday, so i say stop Saturday mail delivery. look at the money and fuel just one day will save the taxpayers. true, Mondays delivery will be entirely different from what we receive now, but this is something i think we can all live with. it appears that the good outweighes the bad in this situation. Question: if Saturday mail delivery ceased, would this adversley effect your normal life?

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I think I could live with mail delivery being only once or twice a week. I often ponder will mailcarriers become a thing of the past with everything being readily available online. It certainly would mean less junk mail and more trees.

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I love Saturday mail.

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Mponochie, good answer, i agree with most information coming now online and i think this is the future for us. in reality, i do not want to see the mail service completly deleted as packages need to be delivered. i believe the U.S. Postal Service will always be around, but their job description may be heading for a change.

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Since I really have no ideal where my tax money goes anyways, I’d rather say keep the Saturday mail, save some jobs for the time being.

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We haven’t had Saturday mail for 30 years at least. I kind of like 2 days with no bills!

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I think it’s inevitable. Sad, because the USPS is wonderful. Delivering a letter cross-country in 3 or 4 days for 44 cents is pretty amazing. I shipped a 1 pound package today, Chicago to Oregon, two day service, $5.24.

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What if you’re expecting a nice package or a check? I’d say no.

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I think that the post office should offer mail 2–3 times a week, and to make up the money, charge a membership fee for those who want it every day. Or just get rid of it all together (except for those few days a week.

We would safe TONS of gas, and we wouldn’t have those days where we check the mail only to find nothing, hahaha.

Also, it wouldn’t be that hard to live with, once people got used to it, they can just order things for a certain day delivery. Anyone who wants overnight delivery pays for it anyway. Otherwise, who isn’t already waiting 3–5 days for delivery?

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Mail = Netflix and some other deliveries for me. Why would I want to wait until Monday for a movie when I used to get it on Saturday?

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Good point, I forgot about Netflix. Although nowadays, I watch most of the streaming Netflix anyway. But it would suck having to wait for Netflix if you really wanted it :/

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Who cares about Netflix. What about money.

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You are right, theichibun distracted me with Netflix! I forgot, the postal service is already in the hole 300 million dollars. I think Netflix can wait.

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No I mean checks in the mail on Saturday. I want to get them.

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LOL, ohhhhh. Well I think it would be a good motivator to get people to just bite the bullet and go with online banking. The only check I ever have to write anymore is my rent check. Absolutely everything else is able to be done online… Even personal money transfers.

Do you have reservations about using the online transfer method for giving and receiving money if it means we can cut all the inefficiencies that come with the US Postal service? If so, what are they?

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No I have no problem with online payments but some people like to send you a check for work or business, payment etc. I also like to get packages in the mail on a Saturday. Sometimes it’s vital for business.
You can’t fax a package.

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