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Should we break up?

Asked by nikolinaxitaliax (55points) March 2nd, 2010

My boyfriend and i have been together for some time now and seriously considering making this a very long term maybe even permenant relationship. He will be going off to college next year and it is a six hour drive from our hometown. (This is where i will be for another year untill i can possibly join him. We have developed a great love for eachother and feel as if nothing will ever tear us apart. We are both faithful trusting partners but there will always be a small jealousy factor also. Im not sure of what will happen but i do intend to find out. I will do what it takes to stay with him but i guess i just need a second opinion or advice on how to go about this.

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Why would you break up?

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Being so far away will get difficult, also the fact that we will be pratically living two different lifestyles

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If you decide to, don’t call it a break up. Just take a break, enjoy each other’s company maybe one weekend every month (6hrs isn’t that far if you’re only doing it once a month), and make sure that you both know that the intention is to stay together and that you won’t see anyone else.

It isn’t necessary to break up though. Try it first, and see how you go. Keep the lines of communication open, which will take effort being long distance, and treat it as just another phase of your life.

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@nikolinaxitaliax If you have to ask or wonder than it seems likely to me that it will happen.

If you want to work out, talk to him, suck it up for the time being and go through a hard time/patch in the relationship. Not to mention your both pretty young. Talk to him and if your both willing to make it work then I don’t see why you need to break up.

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The key to maintaining a vibrant healthy relationship is regular communication and a complete openness that justifies the total trust you will have to have in each other to keep your relationship strong and exclusive.

It will be hard work. You each have to decide if it is worth it!

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This is when you see what you have in the relationship. If it feels kind of easy to break up, then maybe it will be the right thing to do. If you don’t want to though, I can assure you that you can work it out—if you really love each other. Sometimes these young love relationships are the real thing.

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Thank you all :) i have faith

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I don’t want to discourage you. But the college lifestyle doesn’t promote this if he’s an outgoing person. I’ve heard of many people trying this out, and I know of only one instance of success. But if it works for you, more power to you!

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Only time will tell.
I feel philosophical today.

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I don’t think you need to break up, it will cause unessesary heartbreak, when you both love each other, and will probably end up getting back together anyway! So be realistic, i have a friend who didn’t see his lover for a year and they#ve been together for 25 years now. If you both love and trust each other, then that is all you need :)

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In your description, you say:
”...feel as if nothing will ever tear us apart”

that should tell you something.

If you’re confident enough in those words, then do not break it off. I’m sure you’ve went through heartbreaks in the past, so why let something you love and went through so much effort for go because of a 6 hour drive. If it wasn’t meant to be, you’ll find out during your time apart; as for now, stay in love and stay happy that you have each other.

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I agree in saything that you don’t need to break up. I went out with someone for three months and then did the whole long distance thing. Trust me, it’s tough and hard however if you feel like nothing will tear you two apart then you can make it. I think love conquers all and that’s a beautiful thing. You must communicate and trust each other to make it work.

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