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When is it appropriate to ask someone about employment where they work? Read ye olde detailes, plz.?

Asked by Nullo (21973points) March 2nd, 2010

Today I found myself casually talking with one of the higher-ups at a radio station that I’d like to work for (my background is communications/marketing/unskilled labor), and in the course of the conversation I found myself wondering if that were the appropriate time to inquire about job openings.

Odds are reasonably good that we’ll meet again – she shops where I work, after all. Should that happen, ought I to ask?

Edit: A quick search turned up that she’s the director of sales and marketing for the station.

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Why not? I don’t see what you have to lose but a chance to possibly seize a opportunity for a job.

I would just get in a conversation with her and bring up somehow if possible.

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Don’t know about that, but if the other doesn’t work, why don’t you try to volunteer there? I’ve gotten fair number of jobs by volunteering. They see my work ethic, get to know me, etc. I’ve been offered a few jobs this way.

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@snowberry excellent idea…
although I’d just ask in a very humble manner..
“I’d really like to work for (x) can you give me some advice as to what I could do to get a job at your company some day? Are there are openings right now?”
I don’t see anything wrong with this necessarily

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One of the rules of a job hunt is to tell everyone you know or meet that you are looking.

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Isn’t that called “networking?” go for it!

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If you don’t ask you’ll never know! Go for it. Drop it in next time you meet.

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Go for it! I don’t mind people asking for work, I just don’t have any openings right now.

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This is opportunity knocking. Ask, what can it hurt?

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Another vote for it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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go on ask….and let us know what happens!!! :-)

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Sure, ask about it.

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