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How do you decide what movies to see and why?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) March 2nd, 2010

Everyone has a process in deciding with films to see. For some it’s the trailers, word of mouth, or critics.

I don’t trust most critics, partly because most times they hate a movie I’ve already seen and enjoyed. I prefer online user reviews. I watch Movie Mob on Reelz channel and that helped me weed out the movies not worth the money. How in these hard times do you weed out the unworthy new releases? Also, is there anything that bugs about reviewers or ctirics?

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If it’s horror, I’ll see it. Simple as that.

Also, fuck reviews.

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I watch the trailers. If it looks good or is something that interests me, i go. I just saw The Crazies tonight.

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Who’s in it plays a big part. I’ll see almost any movie starring George Clooney or Drew Barrymore. If friend who have similar tastes are saying good things about a movie, I might see it.

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I’ll see any movie with Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, or involving a heist. Netflix recommends. I watch. I never pay attention to critics.

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I sometimes read reviews. But only to get a range of thoughts because they are sometimes very biased. I also just read a few articles here and there on actual facts of the movie, and i look at the trailer(s). If I already know what it’s about and it piques my interest like if it’s action/martial arts, adventure, sci-fi, mystery/horror etc I’ll probably go see it

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I could care less who’s starring in a movie (for the most part). I do care more about who made it. Who’s the director? Who wrote it? To me, that’s more important than acting. A good actor can’t make a bad script/director good.

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When it remains in theatres up to 3 to 4 weeks ,i go to watch the Movie(s).

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I usually go by mood and the five buck club.

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If I like the director, I want to see it.
If I like the writer, I want to see it.
If I like an actor in it, I want to see it.
If the plot sounds good, I want to see it.
If the effects look impressive, I want to see it.
If a friend recommends it, I want to see it.
If a friend pans it, I want to see it.
If the critics love it, I want to see it.
If the critics hate it, I want to see it.

Um… Basically, if it exists… I want to see it. It’s pretty rare for me to have no interest at all in a movie.

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Intuition, experience, trust in my judgement.If it’s Tarantino then it’s a gimme.

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I tend to ignore the reviews. If a films subject matter appeals to me then I wil see it regardless of what the critics say. My best friend is a complete movie boffin so I tend to find out about a lot of films that aren’t mainstream from her.

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If it has a large following, like Avatar, I will see it so I know what people are talking about.
If it is highly rated by a number of critics, I will see it.
If Mick LaSalle of the SF Chronicle likes it, I avoid it at all costs.
I see any film by Tarantino, the Coens, and George Clooney. Most by Speilberg.
I avoid any film by Michael Bay.

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I go to and check out the statistics. Not always accurate, but mostly accurate. How many people voted, what is the score – what do the reviews look like?

I tend not to read too much into the movie. It’s better to watch a movie with 0 info, then find out about it through it.

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I prefer certain genres over others. I prefer certain directors, actors and writers over others. And if the trailer piques my interest, I’ll at least look up a synopsis and go from there.

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