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What do you think about the 28 hour day?

Asked by pikipupiba (1629points) March 2nd, 2010

I personally think that it sounds amazing and I can’t wait to try it out! (I am in college right now, so I can’t just shift my schedule around. I will try to plan my classes out for next semester around this new ‘28 hr day’.)

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Joke (I find this funny because one of my mom joke responses just got moderated, hehehe)

Random Page of Someone Who Tried It

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Completely absurd.

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@davidbetterman Why is that? Did you check out that last link?

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Making the days longer and subtracting one day from the week will change nothing.

But I did dig the mom joke! :)

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Everything in moderation, ay pikipupiba, even days.

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@davidbetterman Actually, it completely frees up 8 hrs a week, assuming you sleep 8 hrs on a normal 24 hr schedule. While on the 28 hr day, you are only sleeping 8 hrs SIX days a week instead of SEVEN.

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I’ll prolly be drunk either way, so it don’t matter to me.

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I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be working in the middle of the night like that graph shows

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10 people were viewing

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Yeah, no thanks. Working in the middle of the night, sleeping in the middle of the day, not my thing.

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@pikipupiba Maybe you should consider taking someone very near to your heart who I imagine might be very hungry to fourth meal at taco bell around 2700 hours sometime.

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@Ltryptophan oooooooo, I didn’t even think that I would also have to switch up my time telling methods and such!

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Damn that website is painful to try and read

I don’t think it would work for the masses. Circadian rhythm would be thrown out the window. If it works for you- go for it.

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Okay, I’m convinced. Let’s switch tomorrow!

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I’m pretty sure I already do this…as is.

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2800 and alllll is wellllll

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Utterly ridiculous. The 24 hour day is not just a random construct, it flows well with the natural cycles of day and night. If you adopt this 28-hour day, it will throw that system completely out of control. Let’s say you start work at 8am. On Monday, it will be just as normal, at 8am. On Tuesday, you’ll be heading into work at what would normally be noon. Wednesday, 4pm. Thursday, 8pm. Friday, midnight. However, all of these would be 8am on this new schedule. WTF!

If you’re having trouble going to sleep or waking up, you need to adjust your sleep habits, not follow this crazy plan.

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My only responsibility is to shed myself of all responsibilities.

Time is the enemy… however you may cleverly package it.

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So all the people who live where the sun don’t shine..(@jeffgoldblusprivatefacilities, Alaska)… they are all going through what you describe and they make do. At some point humans will hopefully get off this rock…so why not make time more humancentric, since we are the ones paying attention to it.

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If you want to go on a picnic in the sunshine, make an appointment.

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I’d rather be anonymously anointed than annoyingly appointed.

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I think 28 hours are not enough, i would go straight to 36.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Did you read the sites? That is an advantage of the system. (to some)

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Let’s just have 52 days in a year.

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You think menstruation is bad now!!!

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@Ltryptophan The people there would be in the minority, and that system would not be applicable to the vast majority of others. And the sun does shine in Alaska, they just have exaggerated day/night seasons.

@pikipupiba Yes, I read your sites. I still see no reason to think of that as advantage, but rather an extreme annoyance.

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Isn’t this what they call ‘working 4 10’s’? But on a rotating shift? My son is doing that now!! It is killing him. Some bright boy, new to management, decided it was going to save the mill tons of money. Instead, the workers are not rested, cranky because the rest of the world has a schedule that can be calculated and counted on, and accidents in the work place are up.
What the hell is wrong with our natural rhythms?

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@Jewel Soooo Sleepy…woops there goes my finger

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It might work if the entire planet did it at once. Everybody awake at the same time, everybody sleep at the same time. The natural rotation would give everyone their share of day/night shifts. All time zones would end, and world efficiency would reach a new plateau.

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it would make your vacations cooler

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No more jetlag if everyone adopted one time.

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I think it is silly to prefer the day to the night when people spend so much time inside these days.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies I doubt it. We live by rhythms that follow a dark/light cycle. When you begin to mess with that, you get constant jet lag! Some people do well at night. Most do well in the daylight. A few do well in both, but those are rare individuals. The majority of us don’t adjust well to a sliding clock, like those workers who now work “Rotating Shifts”, working days, swing and nights in rotation.
I wouldn’t care if folks chose individually to follow this, or any clock. But to expect the majority of the workforce to follow this would cause anarchy!

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This is the work of Satan! 6–28hr days would remove the day of the Lord, offending one of the most important 10 commandments… “Remember the Sabbath, and keep it Holy”.

Satan’s deception at its finest!

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Definitely a day where you would need two showers.

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What day would Church service be held?

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When I was at uni I tried experimenting with a 30-hour-day, which to me made a lot more sense, since I had enough energy to keep going for more than 24 hours, and could combine sleeping so as to save time overall (ie the time you need to fall asleep and wake up each day, dress and undress, etc).

The practical problem I faced was actually not the Sun routines, since I lived in Coventry at the time (92 hours of grey sky followed by 2 minutes of white sky followed by 89 hours and 58 mins of black sky). My biggest problem was there are no 30-hour watches, so I had to always calculate my own schedule based on the conventional one everybody else was following. It was so much easier to just do what the rest of the world was doing.

I think it could easily work, as long as the conditions were different (could be implemented in the North Pole for example, or on a space station, or in remote areas where everybody agrees, and above all you’d need watches). Would be interesting.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Monday is removed, not Sunday. You still get 2 full days of ’‘weekend’, but you accomplish all your ‘week days’ in 4 (as opposed to 5) days.

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Waste of time. People have tried for years to get the U. S. to accept the vastly more efficient metric system, but failed. The common way is the only way, and change is not possible.

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Wouldn’t be possible for me. For one thing, I have a work schedule to stick to. For another, I rely on public transport to get there, and at night there are no buses.

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28hrs from Tulsa!!! Nah it’ll never work.

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BTWJust joking about the Satan thing… Perhaps I shoulda put a smiley face on that comment… :)

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I am more in favor of the 175 day calender year then we can all live longer…150 years or more!!

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No problem as long as they shorten the hour to 50 minutes.

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4 extra hours of sleep would be the best!

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My husband was just mentioning this to me, how weird. Well I’ve never heard of such a thing but I figure if it works for some people, then it’s great. I can function well into the night so it’d work for me too but I am okay as is.

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I think that it would probably be kinda confusing at first, but then i would probably conform to it just like any other day. Eventually we would probably end up wooing and wowing about a 29 hour day instead of the 28, and have completley forgotten about the original 24.

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