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How important is Saturday mail delivery to you?

Asked by YARNLADY (44659points) March 3rd, 2010

Would it bother you if Saturday delivery was stopped to reduce post service expenses?

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Saturday delivery should be stopped, but the post offices themselves should remain open.
And I hope by now, the Postal Service has stopped wasting money on sponsoring sports stars and sports teams. Not sure if they’ve stopped that or not. They also need to start charging businesses a deposit fee on the large white and large clear plastic crates they lend out for mass mail. Many business, big and small, just save these crates and use them as storage bins. They should be charged.

Also, it’s time to start renting out space on stamps. Charging fees for ads on them.

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It wouldn’t bother me. In fact, I’d give up all the other days as well. All I get is mail I don’t want – bills and junk…

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It’s important if I am expecting something on that day, if I’m not then I don’t care.

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Mail = bills and/or junk. If i want something fast I use UPS or another company. So, Saturday mail is about as useful as a toothache to me.

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I’m ok with it. I can survive.

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Mail = Netflix and other deliveries. I’m fine with stopping a day, but having 2 in a row where I can’t get things delivered is crazy.

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I’m with @theichibun on this one. Sometimes it even annoys me that there’s no mail on Sundays.

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Not a problem with me!

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Why even open on Saturday…they are only there until noon anyway!

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Don’t really think I would miss it.

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Stop Saturdays, yes. Ad space on stamps was a very interesting idea, as proposed above.

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Most of the stuff in my mailbox is junk, anyway. I would miss the few packages that are delivered by mail, but I like the idea of getting all of the mail trucks off the road one more day of the week. Less fuel consumed.

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Not very. Wouldn’t even mind if they did away with Fridays. I get more important mail via e-mail than I do with physical mail.

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not at all, I think it’s a good idea

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Neither rain not sleet nor dark of night will stop the mail but lazy govt workers will.
Sign of the times.

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Okay by me.

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It wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. Same as @Just_some_guy all I ever get is junk and bills anyway.

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If I could go to the post office to pick up something important, I wouldn’t mind. I don’t feel entitled to Saturday delivery… as long as I can access my mail on my own.

But what about people without transportation or email who are waiting for a paycheck to be able to pay bills?

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It’s the least important day for mail delivery for me.

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Mail 3–4 days a week would be fine with me, and I’d still hate it. I check my mailbox only once a week anyway and then spend ten minutes trying to find the bills among all the crap (which is, according to a postmaster I know) the only thing that keeps the USPS alive. Anything I want is coming to me via UPS or Fedex.

Another thought is to deliver only Priority Mail Mon-Friday, and the junk and bills on two of those days.

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I think that the post office had excellent package service and they reliably deliver bills and checks. I suggest that they have 7 day delivery of packages, 3 or 4 days of delivery for first class mail and post cards, They can stop junk mail completely and nobody would miss it.

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Apparently bulk mail makes up most of their revenue. It’s crazy. I get real mail about once or twice a week, and the rest goes straight into the recycle bin.

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@YARNLADY that is my point. If the post office changed it’s business model and stopped subsidizing bulk mail, they could get back to their core business, need fewer resources, and streamline the business.

A side effect would possibly an increase in newspaper advertising improving their resources to present real investigative reporting.

Everybody wins.

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@YARNLADY I believe you are right. I know nothing about running the USPS, but I had a client who was a Postmaster in a fairly goodsized city and he told me, once when I complained about all the junk mail, that that was the only thing that kept the USPS alive.

There are now too many other competitors for first class mail. In my business, I use Fedex and UPS and email almost exclusively, all of which compete directly with USPS. I could use Priority Mail at USPS, but dealing with them is a pain in the butt.

I could not only do without Saturday mail delivery, I could do with one day a week delivery. I rarely get anything of importance in the mail.

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@plethora To be fair, we have most of our ‘real’ mail delivered at our P O Box.

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@YARNLADY NOW you tell me…:) How do you keep all the junk from showing up in your PO Box?

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@plethora We don’t give out our P O box number to anyone except legitimate contacts. We always fill out the ‘do not release my address’ forms that come from our contacts.

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