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Would anyone like to tell me the significance of lurve and all these "jellies" and the marine life theme of Fluther?

Asked by plethora (9579points) March 3rd, 2010

I’ve been on Fluther since December, formerly AB, where I would still be if they had not tried to transform themselves into a Fluther type site…..unsuccessfully in my opinion. But I have still not picked up on the significance of lurve, jellies, marine life theme of the “awards”. Can someone enlighten me?

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well, a fluther is a herd of jelly fish, or a school…what ever you want to call it.
So I believe that the whole site is sort of themed around that word.
Lurve supposedly means love, so I guess its basically your popularity points, or how much people love you. So, i hope this was helpful…

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Lurve is your reward for a good answer or question not popularity.

@starshine is correct about the origin of Fluther:
“Fluther of jellyfish.
Dictionary of Collective Nouns and Group Terms” Source

It is the term the founders chose for the collective of minds and beings that make up Fluther.

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And it was all my idea.

Yeah, yeah. That’s the ticket.

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@AstroChuck Perhaps you should change your name to “Tommy Flanagan”. It’s all the rage lately.

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@marinelife , True, but isn’t that kind of the same thing? The more people like your answers the more points you get. Basically the same as popularity.

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@starshine Popularity is about being liked, not about the quality of your answers.

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It’s a really sweet theme. Roll with it, Baby!

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@phillis I hardly recognized you. Had to check your profile to see if it was you…:)

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Thanks to all. I “get” the points, but what I still don’t get is the “awards”. I have a slew of them, as probably everyone else does too. What do they signify?

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Hi, darlin’! When you get an award of some sort, you can click on it. It tells you what the award was for… you earned it. There are a few that are mysteries, for some reason. That part is kind of annoying to me. But most of them give the reason :)

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@phillis Well hi to you darlin’..:) And thanks very much.

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And, when you get all the awards, you get

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