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Help!,rat invasion!

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) March 3rd, 2010

This tragedy happened a week ago when rainy season in my state(where rats were known to invade houses). I was watching TV alone that midnight when suddenly I heard weird noises came from my bathroom,I then check my bathroom and I found out a black,nasty,big rat just jump out of my bathroom. It freaks me out(I swear that is the biggest rat I ever seen). He saw me for a second then fled away under my sofa. I still see him run around when I randomly wake up at midnight to urinate(it could be the same rat or another rat). We’ve tried some poison food specifically designed to eliminate rat but he didn’t even touch that food,turn out it’s eaten by ants. We’ve also tried to use rat glue,but it too didn’t work as we expected. How could he came from my bathroom?,from my toilet?,I sometime feel unsafe when I need to use that toilet. So how could we deal with this nasty creature?. (Exterminator is not available in my country and I won’t let my cats catch disease from this creature). Any suggestion?. Please help!.

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I suppose you can always try to beat it to death with a stick…or just shoot it?

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@belakyre It’s impossible. It moves way too fast and I won’t risk any bites. And I don’t think I have a gun. It’s illegal for a citizen to posses a gun in my country.

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Try the big, heavy traps with peanut butter as bait. It worked for me. Also, keep your living quarters immaculately clean, not a crumb anywhere, no dirty dishes, all food in the fridge or metal containers. Same principle as cockroaches; nothing to eat, they don’t stay around.

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@belakyre Doctor D can’t shoot it with a gun, but would it work to shoot it with something not as powerful? Like an airsoft gun?

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(shudders, and goes back to bed, hiding under covers)

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Get a couple large rodent cage traps and when you catch them dispatch them as you see fit or if that is too much for you, drive it 5 miles away and let it go in the woods somewhere.

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First, and most important, block the rats access to your home. Many people focus on filling holes and cracks inside their home. The problem is that in the typical home there are too many pathways through walls, attics, and crawlspaces for you to block them all. A much more effective method to block access is from the outside of your home.

Walk around the perimeter of your home and look the following:

Cut back plants so that they don’t touch the building.
Remove tree branches that give rodents easy access to the roof.
Keep garbage cans as far from your home as possible.
Inspect the foundation of your home for openings. Anything larger than a quarter is large enough for a rat to pass through.
Block all openings with rigid metal screen or other appropriate material.
Inspect all vents on the house and under the eaves to ensure they have a screen.
When screening openings, wait until the afternoon. This gives any rodents the opportunity to exit your home and return to their nest.

Rats are excellent climbers and can jump a fair distance. Even openings that are well above the ground need to be blocked too. Any trim on you house may make a perfect ladder for a rat to climb up the side of your home. Removal of shrubs, ivy and tree branches is important for rodent control.

(cut and pasted this one, might help…if not, called the Orkin man)

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@All,Thank you!.

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@Doctor_D you are very welcome Dr D!

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Just keep your ponytail away from it’s mouth.

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@Doctor_D see you have a cat…he must be laying down on the

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I swear by gluetraps baited with peanuts.

Please don’t use poison as wildlife could eat the poisoned rat.

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Look for glue traps.

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@BoBo1946 Ha ha!. You know I won’t let my cats to catch disease.
@PacificRimjob and @Nullo Thanks but if you read my detail you’ll find that I’ve tried that glue trap but failed. But somehow it works only for smaller rat but never for bigger rat.

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This is the only brand I have found to work

They can be locked together to ‘accomodate’ larger vermin.

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@PacificRimjob Thank you!. I’ll see if it’s available in my country.

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YW, I hope it works for you.

Having rats blows.

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Victor Rat traps are great. Tie the peanut to the bait pedal with a piece of wire.
Get two traps and place them side by side but in opposite directions.

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Live and let live.

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I would have to move to another state where such an “invasion” does not occur.

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Burn down the house.

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Keep a dog. One of my dogs is an excellent ratter. From time to time she lays a dead rat on the back step, as if for my inspection.

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Live and let live?

Tell that to the Hantavirus.

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We have the Hanta virus here in Arizona. There are documented cases of death from the Hanta virus from rat droppings. Please be careful!
We have 2 research labs for pack rats. We don’t normally do work in homes just cars.
Were do you live? Perhaps I can give you some ideas that may help.
If you live trap them it will thin out your heard. Some people then drown them.
BoBo gave some great ideas.
Rats do not come from the toilet drains. If you see one coming out he is normally getting water and just going in for a drink.

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