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What are some of the most successful fundraisers you've been involved with?

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) March 3rd, 2010

Now that our trip location has been settled, my kids need to fundraise!
Our trip to Europe is independent of our school district, so it must be paid for entirely by fundraising and the kids’ families…we have some ideas for fundraisers but I figured my fellow jellies would have some great ideas, too.
What’s worked for you?
We are a small town of around 10,000, bordering a bigger city of about 100k…if that helps.

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Golf tournaments bring in big bucks if your parents are the right demographic.

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We do the popcorn and X-mas wreath sales for scouts quite successfully. We were recently approached by a company called Butter Braid and it’s frozen bakery goods that you heat and serve and are yummy delicious which would be one I would happily sell if we did not already have our commitments.

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A huge auction of donated items, similar to the Public TV auctions. Our kids got beauty spas, a furniture store, local restaurants, a sporting goods store and several mall shops to donate things for the auction.

We had a (catered) public barbecue at the local park, followed by the auction. The meal was a break-even, but the auction raised several thousand dollars.

Kids used to be able to hold 5K runs to raise money, but the charities have taken over nearly every month, so they don’t make much anymore.

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Miracle Network (Children’s Hospitals)

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HERO for children

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