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In the game of spades; If I have 1 heart, and 8 hearts have already been play'd; what are the chances that 1 of the other 3 players has 1,2,or 3 of the remaining 3 heart.

Asked by Amidani (1points) March 5th, 2008 from iPhone
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The way you’ve asked the question (and maybe I’m remembering Spades wrong) it sounds like you’re asking, “if 1 have 1 heart and 8 hearts have already been played, what are the chances that another player has the other hearts.” Since all the cards are dealt out in the game of spades, then the chances are 100%.

But, if you’re asking, what are the chances that one of the other players has all of the remaining hearts then here’s the answer.

So, if I recall Spades correctly, all 52 cards are dealt out to the four players (so each player has 13 cards in her hand). In your scenario, 8 hands have already been dealt (I’m assuming), with 8 hearts having been played. That leaves 20 cards still in the game (5 of which are hearts). You have, in your hand, 5 cards one of which is a heart. So, the pool of possible cards is down to 15, 4 of which are hearts. You’re asking, what are the chances that one of the other player’s hands has all four hearts.

Because there are four hearts out there and a “deck” of 15 cards, the odds of one of the players being “dealt” four hearts in their five card hand is calculated as follows:

4/15×3/14×2/13×1/12 = 0.07%

So the chances that one player has all four remaining hearts is less than 1%.

Post again if I’ve misunderstood the question.

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all depends on how the other suits were played. Then than would be able to tell you how to read cards and others hands. Play some more andpay attention to learning on how to read cards based on play

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