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Do you have a favorite Piece of Classical Music which has been recorded by a Rock and Roll Band?

Asked by davidbetterman (7550points) March 3rd, 2010

Here is Emerson Lake & Palmer – Abaddon’s Bolero

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Roll Over Beethoven…........Chuck Berry and The Beatles. rock on!

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@lucillelucillelucille Your Zappa answer inspired this question. It reminded me of the ELP version!
That’s cool seeing Frank conducting!

I prefer your version to mine! I like the instruments as opposed to the Moog Synthesizer.

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Does Hooked on Classics count as rock? I had blissfully forgotten about this until you brought this up :(

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@davidbetterman—I think I have a little crush on him—lol!

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@mrentropy Sure Hooked on Classics counts.
@lucillelucillelucille I’m sure he still has a crush on you!

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@john65pennington – Dont forget ELO.

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@john65pennington Great tune. You jumped up leaps and bounds in my book! Not that it should matter what I think!

@ChazMaz And also recorded by, “Mountain, Ten Years After, Raul Seixas, Leon Russell, Status Quo, The Rolling Stones, The Byrds, The 13th Floor Elevators, The Sonics, Wes Paul, Gene Vincent, Quartz, Uriah Heep, Kickhunter and Iron Maiden!!!”

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Obscure though this band may be, I always loved this

Also, as sort of a reverse take on this question, one of the coolest shows I’ve ever seen live was Elvis Costello conducting and playing with the Minnesota Orchestra…they did 15 minutes of a ballet he wrote, then the whole orchestra backed him for the rock and roll set.

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@dalepetrie “Scatterbrain Scamboogery” LOL Excellent.

I saw Elvis with Dylan a few years ago. He was pretty good!

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@davidbetterman – I’ve seen him 5 times, each show was amazing and completely different than any other show I’d seen. One of the most versitale and prolific musical artists of all time, even though he’ll probably mostly be remembered for about 3 years of output in the late 70s/early 80s to most.

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@dalepetrie He looks cool, too!

Hey, the youtuibe switched to Scatterbrain Tastes Just Like Chicken! I am beginning to really like Scatterbrain!

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Scatterbrain was actually not too bad. The band never went anywhere really, none of the guys in the band went on to greater things, but they were basically an early 90s thrash band which had a great sense of humor and never took themselves all that seriously. On their album previous to Scamboogery they did a cover of Sonata 3 as well.

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I love this – Hall of the Mountain King, by Mussorgsky, performed by Apocalyptica. Heavy metal cellos

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@downtide I dig Mussorgsky. “Hall Of The Mountain King” is very nice. He did something called “Pictures at an Exhibition” which Emerson Lake and Palmer covered.
Here is “Tthe Curse Of Baba Yaga”

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Elvis Presley’s Surrender was a version of “Torna a Sorrento”.

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@filmfann Elvis was indeed multi-talented. That is a great song, too. Thanks…

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A Lover’s Concerto sung by Diane Ross was taken from Bach’s Minuet in G Major, which is one of my favorites.

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