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How have you lost weight?

Asked by nikipedia (27526points) March 5th, 2008

What has ACTUALLY worked for you? Not something you read or your friend’s cousin’s friend….

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Weight Watchers.

I tried for years to lose weight and I’d always gain it back…this was the only program that taught me how to eat well and exercise for life.

good luck!

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I know it sounds like I’m being facetious, but eating less and working out works.

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Move to Seattle or another city where makes more sense to walk every day. You’ll drop weight like crazy. That worked for me.

Other than that, my gf turned me on to a book called Five Factor Fitness. I stuck with it for a solid 5 weeks before falling off the wagon. It definitely works though, if you stick with it, and it’s pretty simple and forgiving.

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Lost 40 pounds over a year… very motivating to sign up for a race and know that you better keep up the workouts, else you’ll totally bonk.

And no, you don’t hafta run the Ironman… the Sprint distance is challenging enough for lots of folks, whilst being accessible to beginners. For my first several races, I just rode my 9 year old mountain bike, tracked my stats, and basically just raced against myself.

There are lots of races year-round almost everywhere.

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read a book called “skinny bitch” its awsome I became a vegetarian after reading it.

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Eating less by replacing calorie-dense stuff with things that are good for me (vegetables, fruit, whole grains, etc.), and doing more active activities. For me it was a slower process because I just made little changes here and there to my lifestyle, but the weight stays off this way, because the changes I made are permanent.

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Eating less, being more active.

Figuring out why I was eating poorly (boredom and stress) and figuring out other ways to compensate.

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I lost 30 in five months since I quit drinking

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@andrew, off-the-wall and interesting concept. I like!

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by eating more frequently in smaller portions. This way your body can digest better and you won’t feel hungry. Eat more natural foods helps too

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cut off a foot.

Hehe. Just kidding.

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Last year I lost weight in the worst possible way. I dropped to 155 from 180 by basically running a lot, avoiding huge meals and having two small main meals instead, skipping breakfast and being a calorie-freak (now when i go to a grocery store, i can usually tell the number of calories on most packaged good) so that i could maintain my 1400 calorie a day diet.

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* First, take a look at what you’re drinking. Eliminate all drinks with sugar/calories, high fructose corn syrup, etc. or high-calorie Jamba Juices. Many people drink their calories without even realizing it. Water, water, water.

* Start cutting carbs. This doesn’t mean eat only bacon, just cut back dramatically on the process white bleached flour stuff and eliminate french fries. I also cut out almost all pasta. I order a side salad and pay extra for it before the plate even hits my table. This makes a big difference.

* Start focusing on high-protein, high vegetable meals. I make a lot of “meat salads” which is basically some kind of grilled chicken, fish, or portabello mushroom on top of mixed greens and pre-cut organic vegetables. This is fast and makes it easy to eat healthy at the end of a long day.

* Walk, walk, walk. I mix walking into my day whenever I can. It’s how I keep up with my business contacts too. If they want to meet for drinks, etc. I suggest a walk around a local lake instead. I know it’s a guaranteed 3 miles and only 45 minutes of my time, and a it’s a great way to multitask. I walk about 4 times a week- during this time, i make a lot of my phone calls and pay my bills. By the time the walk’s done, I can’t even remember I did it.

* Work your way up to doing a half-marathon walk. Marathons, half-marathons and fun-runs are a great way to stay motivated and in many cases, they’re fund-raisers too.

* Keep a few bags of nuts at your desk at work and grab a handful- they keep your metabolism going and stave off insane cravings.

These are just a few of the ways I changed my lifestyle after I gained 30 pounds in grad school. Yikes. I was eating in front of my laptop, taking the bus when I could have walked, and inhaling whatever was around me to save money. By just implementing these few changes I lost over 35 pounds a few years ago and I’ve kept it off since.

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If it makes any difference, I don’t eat meat and I eat mostly whole grains.

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Put an exercise bike in front of your video games, tv/movies, or like me- my computer. I like to surf the internet or play a game and listen to Pandora internet radio while exercising.

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I think one has to be motivated to do whatever it takes. If you really want to lose the weight you will do the right things for your body: Eating less, exercising more, avoiding emotional eating, cutting out high calorie foods, etc. I started weighing/measuring my food to control portions and I stopped eating in between meals. I also stopped eating white flour and sugar. I’ve lost 30 pounds in three months and I feel f**king awesome.

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