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What are some things that you were embarrassed of in the past, but no longer?

Asked by J0E (13121points) March 3rd, 2010

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I can think of a few things. I used to be embarrassed about liking Star Wars, but I’m not anymore. I also used to be embarrassed about stuff I would make, but now I show a million people whenever I make something. Other little things too, like songs I liked, books I read, stuff like that. I guess growing up helped me realize I shouldn’t be ashamed of anything.

What about you?

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I used to be embarrassed about playing the piano – in front of the family – now I love it.

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I am no longer embarrassed about not shaving my legs or having stretchmarks or acne.

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Star Wars, definitely.
I kept my obsession hidden throughout my middle/high school career because I knew I’d be judged right away.
Now I realize that I was already categorized as “that horse girl”, so Star Wars geek wouldn’t have made much of a difference. Plus there were a lot of hawt geek guys that I could have talked to. What was I thinking?

I agree with the growing up helped me realize I shouldn’t be ashamed of anything part.
I’ll admit to anything, really.

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Funny, I can’t think of anything. Lurved Star Wars (and all of it’s incarnations) then and lurve it now.

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Being seen with my parents.

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@jonsblond Heh, I’m still embarrassed of that. I think it’s the whole “I still live at home” thing that does it though.

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Kissing a girlfriend in public.

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I used to be embarrassed of a lot of things in the past because they were “too girly” in my opinion. I used to be embarrassed of liking classical music and I would never tell anyone about it. That changed when I got to high school, luckily. I also used to be embarrassed of liking gardening, but I don’t care who finds out about that now.

I was embarrassed of liking to go to open houses, liking interior design, liking musicals, opera, ballet, so many things…I just don’t care who knows now. Of course, once I came out it made it a lot easier to not be ashamed of these things. That was really the biggest thing I was embarrassed of.

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We shouldn’t be up to date when we can’t. But there’s nothing wrong with replacing old stuff and trying new thing. It’s usually much better. And I don’t really care about what people think as long as I like it. If I had,it would be home-made breakfast and lunch,sounds childish in my childhood.

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@J0E My parents had me when they were in their mid 30s, so they were a bit older than the parents of my classmates. I used to lie about their age when I was in grade school . I can’t believe I did that!

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I used to feel very embarrassed about sex (believe it or not). About being naked, about asking for what I wanted. I also thought it was embarrassing asking a person their intention. I felt it too when I was hurt or upset, so I would not show it. I don’t find many things embarrassing now.

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My body used to embarass me so much that I would basically dress myself in canvass bags when I went to school. So nobody’d really know what I looked like.

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My love for all things Golden Girls used to embarrass me and being infatuated by Beauty and the Beast. I believe now it is the quirky things that make people love you. Also, my ability to quote “boy movies” when I was younger.

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I used to be embarrassed about how my family lived, but I’m much older now and am grateful we were able to survive. I used to hate singing in front of my family but have since sang in front of hundreds.

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I was embarrassed of my nerdiness when I was in high school. I edited the school literary magazine and was in the national French honor society as a sophomore, but I didn’t want anyone to know that. I loved Broadway musicals and would sing the songs in the car with my whole family when we’d take vacations, but I hoped no one would ever find out. Now I proclaim my nerd status to the heavens. Being uncool is one of the best things that ever happened to me.

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As far as my interests and hobbies went, I was never embarrassed about them nor am I today, nor did I care about the reactions of others which, actually, was never much of anything, anyway.

Having a laughing fit in Burger King and blowing snot all over my tits and hamburger and everyone seeing this was pretty mortifying though…but just a funny story to tell today.

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I was embarrassed by my name; I didn’t know anyone else with my name. I was embarrassed to have to speak to a group; I got over that with a public speaking class and age. I used to be embarrassed to go out without makeup and feeling like I looked great. I’m not so much like that these days either. I mean, it’s the grocery store for heavens sake.

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@bvdshec17 Kissing a girl anywhere!
Now I kiss her all over with ne’er a fear nor dopubt!

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A girl gave me fellatio as a warm up, I finished before getting all the way in. She called me “Superman.” I recovered (slightly) by complimenting her skills in ball gobbling. Now I tell girls “That’s never happened to me before!” and you should too. Unless it’s your girlfriend or wife who will know you’re an absolute liar.

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My boobs. I hated them when I was a teen. Now? Well, women pay good money to have what my genes gave me.

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Wardrobe malfunctions.

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Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?

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I played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for a week before I realized I could steal a car. It took me 15 mintues to realize why it was funny.

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