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If you were to set up your own political party what would some of your policies be?

Asked by Siblinings (136points) March 3rd, 2010

Economic or social policies.
Also explain your position.

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Everyone would have to wear a pink boa and one of these.

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Economy:Sustainable Check and Balance,lower taxes,higher salary for national employees,etc.
Social:Free medical and consumption for poor citizen,mass and easier adoption rules,independent right for governmental based assets,etc.

All to earn more support from society and to get a high/worthy governmental place. And I prefer the ‘leader’ position.

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NHS to only cover health issues. NHS shouldn’t cover IVF, plastic surgery, etc.

Aim to keep population below 70 million by restricting the number of immigrants and discourage people having kids by not giving out handouts if you have children.
Also have a points based system for immigration.

Crack down on people who are unwilling to work.

Get rid of anti-terror laws.

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Free Morningwood CDs for everyone.

Death penalty for driving slow in the left lane.

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- Minimum wages
– abolishing the electoral college
– limit campaign funding to public funding only
– criminalising industrial lobbyism
– publicly funded private nonprofit health insurance
– severe cuts in military spending, especially cracking down on black projects
– close all nonessential military bases on foreign territory
– abolishing juries in the justice system, require specialised training and qualification for all judges
– setting caps on the amount of money you can be awarded in court
– free university education on the first run
– higher taxes for high income earners, closing of tax loopholes
– value added tax on non-essential products
– increased taxes on petrol to encourage the development and demand for fuel efficient cars engines
– improve public transportation and introduce a road fee for city centres to encourage usage of public transportation, discourage usage of personal automobiles, to decrease traffic in cities and to improve air quality in cities.
– repealing the patriot act
– nationwide legalisation of gay marriage with all the rights it entails
– nationwide abolishing of the death penalty
– make prison funding dependent on rehabilitation rate of prisoners, penalties for recidivism
– no prison sentences for victimless crimes
– enforce that court decisions are based on law alone, and not on previous court decisions, except if the decision is based on a supreme court decision
– repealing all patents on genes

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-draconian curtailment of the financial industry (selling money just ain’t right)
cracking down on people who are unwilling to work (see people participating in the aforementioned industry)

-people should be remunerated for work done according to the scientific definition:

work = force x distance

not sure how that equates to keyboard tapping and phone call making but i’m guessing not very lucratively.

of course exceptions can me made for administrative tasks connected with social work :)

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@ragingloli Can I vote for you?

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—Take out the Constitution, dust it off, and make sure it’s paid attention to,
—I don’t care what you do in your bedroom with other consenting adults
—Can’t make lobbying illegal (first amendment), but seek to give lobbyists free speech zones far from where they can make too much of a difference. Hey, that’s legal, right?
—Progressive income tax
—Single-payer health care
—Provide incentives (monetary or other) for cottage industry
—Set import tariffs equal to (or slightly higher than) the exporting country’s subsidy of any given product to incentivize American manufacturing and agriculture
—Legalize marijuana, tax the bejeezus out of it
—Sustainable energy is a priority, ditto efficiency
—Soil health is a priority (which I don’t see anyone seriously thinking about now, but which will come back to bite us in the butt.)
—Education is a priority – it should be high quality and affordable
—Regulate immigration; make the citizenship test more difficult but offer more temporary work visas
—Repeal PATRIOT Act
Instant run-off voting reform
—In order to end the “privatization of profits and socialization of costs,” compel industry to clean up their own messes and pay a living wage.
—Consider future generations in policymaking, rather than sacrificing them at the altar of the immediate

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i think i’d get rid of immigrants. open more grammar schools. improve the education system by getting rid of rubbish teachers and exams that prove nothing.
health care is only for citizens, no more romanians coming to UK on holiday to give birth and receive free maternity care.
social housing is only for those IN NEED! i.e. genuine homeless people before they get back on their feet. it should therefore be a temporary measure.
transport- less expensive, more widely available.
taxes spent on improving the country- not LINING PEOPLE’S POCKETS!

thank you for listening

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My ideal party would be socially libertarian—your right to swing your fist stops at other people’s noses. Do what you want so long as it doesn’t hurt others. It would be capitalistic but with a strong socialized program to cover the cost of medical care—something like France has (They have the best medical care on Earth and pay far less than we do for it). I would have public funding of elections and ban ALL paid advertising and contributions to political campaigning. I would replace the part of the Supreme Court that decides issues on ideology instead of the Constitution, and inisit we return to the rule of law with the constitution foremost. I would insititut a more progressive tax system and cut out all the deductins, write-offs, loop-holes and such that complicate it. I would also reinstate the inheritance tax, leaving plenty for someone to pass on a small business but prohibiting dynastic collectin of wealth.

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We need more guns. Whatever we do, we need more guns. We need tons of guns.

That would get voters. And maybe even Sarah Palin!

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But seriously:

I would want a political party that actually followed America’s constitution. Example: the seperation of church and state. The law of the land is not the law of the Christian Bible, and even if it was, why is nobody advocating a law against eating pork? I am myself born of the Jewish faith, following the Old Testament, but America has freedom of religion.

And, my main philosophy would probably do: Do mostly what you want, as long as it doesn’t harm anybody I consider unborn babies ‘body’s

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My party is/supports:

1. Pro free trade
2. Pro conservation (that means preserving nature so we can enjoy it and use it responsibly)
3. Pro choice/women’s rights
4. Pro gay rights
5. Pro gun/hunting and self-defense
6. Secular (but I’m not going to harass you if you are religious, or restrict your right to worship in any way, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone)
7. Military spending would remain the same (more emphasis on defense, rather than offense)
8. Medical tort reform
9. Decrease intervention in foreign governments
10. Less bullshit

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I’d go for immediate & massive reduction in our standing army, & the cancelling of our nuclear weapons. This would obviously require a fundamental shift in Great Britain’s foreign policy.
I would also cancel all universal benefits, in particular child benefits & pensions. These would all become means tested so only those who need it received it.
The savings made would go towards a large increase in Police numbers, & a reduction in the size of central government.
The rest of my policies would be pretty Liberal.

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@Pseudonym You got a good answer, but you’re just a little offbase. What you want is exactly what the constitution provides in separation of church and state. It means that the state cannot have a hand in establishing a religion and benefit from one. That’s the very reason you have the constitutional right to practice your Jewish faith and me to practice my Christian faith and even the Mormans (God forbid) to practice theirs. Even the Muslims can practice theirs, as long as they are using their religion as a cover for instigating war, terror, and rebellion. Then the law gets involved….but that’s a different story.

But we definitely need more guns….for sure

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard That item #10 is just a little offensive. i believe the current PC equivalent is “Less Pelosi” Still sounds nasty and offensive. As in “clean the Pelosi off your boots before you track it on the rug”

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@plethora, less Pelosi would be implied under my administration ;-)

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Well, how could less Pelosi possibly be bad..:)

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