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What were some dares you did as a kid that would merit attention?

Asked by ucme (46642points) March 3rd, 2010

Maybe you were injured or escaped unharmed.Perhaps looking back you rode your luck a little.Let’s hear of your tales of adventure.

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I jumped from our hayloft to the ground; probably about 12–14 feet from the open door to the grass. Hurt like hell, but nothing was injured.

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@janbb Yeah I did a lot of jumping.I was fascinated with heights for some reason.

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Someone dared me to pick up a worm when I was 6. I did and it stuck, just as the memory does.

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@gailcalled Just pick up a worm? I ate worms.

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I ate dirt.that’s all I’ll admit to

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yeah hush your filthy mouth.

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On a dare when I was in 10th grade I walked all the way around the school library with a ring on my nose. I walked up to the librarian and checked out a book, then sat down and started reading it, and I had to do it without laughing or acknowledging in any way that something was “off” about me. I did it, and was rewarded with a very large doobey.

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As a freshman in high school someone dared me to stick tweezers in a socket on the lab table in science class. I stuck them in and of course let go as soon as the shock hit, then I did not want grab on to them again to get them out. It was awful.

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I climbed the side of a school building and waved at the admins through the window on the 2nd floor. Wearing a dress and a pair of Mary Janes. And everyone below had to have gotten a good eyeful of the ruffles on the bottoms of my underwear. I was 6.

Was I hurt? Only after I got a whupping.

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@SuperMouse My cousins and I dared each other to climb over the electric fence and race through the cattle fields. My cousin straddled the fence and got his pants caught trying to get off. That ended with an embarrassing ER trip for him.

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We used to climb under the bridge that went over the river. There were some bars for workers so you could hold on. But there was a huge plate near both ends of the bridge preventing people from going much further but we climbed over that and then did the whole length of the bridge. There were pigeon nests everywhere haha, and we could see the river underneath us, and hear the traffic atop. Then we hung around on the bridge pillars before setting off again. Back and forth because we had nothing better to do.

This came from a dare where we dared one another to climb some part underneath the bridge, but after we found out how easy it was, we decided to stretch it.

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When I was in daycare I took my “then crush” under like a blue half tire thing on the ground for kids to run through. We went into it, I pulled his pants and underwear down and touched his penis and he looked at my vajayjay. His mom and my mom had to sign documents for the school. The teachers were nearly in tears from laughter. I ran into him about eight months ago. Talk about an akward feeling and conversation that was.

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Oh god, I’ve grabbed electric fences, got in pens with bulls, pulled fire alarms, and locked kids in closets.

I should learn how to say no…

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a boy dared me to take my summer dress off in the school classroom one lunchtime
I was 5
yes,... quite

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Jumping off the roof of a friends house and into his swimming pool. Good times.

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I snorted some left over sour sugar from a bag of sour patch kids
Not a good feeling.

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some one was dared to kiss me, she won the dare.

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In 12th grade I disagreed with my chemistry teacher. She was quite upset.

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When I was about 12, I had a friend who was a bad influence, lol. He would steal cigarettes and bottles of wine from our local grocery store, and share them with us, that’s the kind of bad influence I’m talking about.

Around July 4, we had bought some smoke bombs (the little cherry bomb kind) down at the fireworks stand, and being bored like 12 year olds get, dared each other to put them in interesting places. We put some in someone’s mail box, but that wasn’t really that big a deal. The real deal was walking into the apartment building that was a couple doors down from the house where I lived, and going into the laundry room. We threw smoke bombs into someone’s washing machine, while it was running, and quickly left the building. Me, I’m smart. He, well…was dumb. He HAD to go back to check the damage, and of course the lady who owned the clothes was there, pulling out her now BLUE clothes, that had burn holes in them.

We got dragged down to the local Fire Department where both the police and the Fire Chief lectured us about the incident. Then I spent the next 3 years paying my mom back for the clothes money that she paid the lady. Lesson learned. I was unsupervised as a kid, and my kids will never have that luxury.

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