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What do I do with my old MacBook battery?

Asked by Randy (11199points) March 3rd, 2010

My old battery literally died and wouldn’t charge so I bought a new one. The new one came today but I’m not sure what I should do with the old one. It seems like a bad idea to just toss it in the trash but where can I take/send it to have it possibly recycled? This is the battery if it makes a difference.

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Take it to a local E-Waste recycler.

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Bring it to an Apple Store and they’ll recycle it for free.

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I would MUCH rather have it recycled for free as it’s just junk and it seems silly to pay to get rid of it and the problem with the Apple Store is that I live 2½ to 3 hours from the closest one.

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You should definitely return it. Put it in your car and some day you’ll be near an Apple store by chance.

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I’m pretty sure you can drop it off at Best Buy. Call before driving up there.

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Your local public works yard probably have a recycling program or a hazardous materials waste collection program

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Eat it. ask your doctor before taking Battery®.

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Chuck it at Steve Jobs. Snow Leopard just told me my battery needs to be “serviced” at less than a year old with 60 charges. Just hold on to it until you’re able to recycle it.

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