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How do I follow up with an employer by phone?

Asked by bluesandblahs (36points) March 3rd, 2010

I sent my resume to a company that I really want to work for and applied through a contact who has a lot of colleagues at the company. When I followed up with the contact, he told me to call the company and follow up and use his name. I am used to communicating these things via email, it just seems quicker and more non-intrusive.

What do I say/ask during this phone call? I’m afraid of a conversation happening like this:

“Hi my name is BluesandBlahs, I just wanted to check up on the status of my application, (contact) told me to follow up with you.”
“Yup, we got it.” (Silence) “Uh…We’ll call you if we have an opening.”
Bangs head against wall

What am I supposed to say? How do I avoid this horror-scenario of supreme awkwardness?

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In your initial application, did you include your contact as resource or reference? If you’re dropping your contact’s name the first time, you’re actually putting the person answering your inquiry on a spot. Does your contact carry any weight in the decision-making process?

It’s best to open the inquiry with a confirmation of the receipt of your application/resume’. If they say yes, then follow-up with asking whether the position is still available, when they think they will make a determination and if there’s anything that you can provide to support your application.

If they drop the “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” line, thank the the person and consider it a hint to move on.

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@njnyjobs I am 100 percent confident that they will know my contact, it’s a small company. My application was forwarded directly to them by him.

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Do you have a name of a person to contact? You need to say, hello, is Mr. Boss in? Then you can ask the decision maker directly. If he is unavailable, say your name and tell the receptionist that you had spoken with Mr. Referral who said it would be a good idea to follow up on your application. Ask if they could have Mr Boss call you when they are available. Pretty simple.
If you get Mr. Boss, just say the same thing. “I spoke with Mr Referral and he said it might be a good idea for me to call and check on the status of my application. When do you plan to schedule interviews?”

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If I made a phone call (which I probably would not do; I would write a letter – not email) I would say I wanted thank him for the opportunity to apply and make sure I had provided all of the material that I had been asked for. I would say that xxxxx (my reference person) spoke so highly of you and the company I am perhaps a little too anxious to have an idea about the prospects for my attaining a position. That’s how I would go about it.

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@Judi I know exactly who to ask for, my main concern is having nothing to talk about other than: “You get my resume?” “Yeah.” “Okay.” “Cool.” “Bye.” Okay I’m exaggerating but still it sounds awkward. I don’t know what people actually say in these sorts of exchanges and how they remain professional.

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If you really want the job, make the call. If you want to remain non-intrusive stay here and wait.

If you do want to call, introduce yourself and let them know you applied for the job and wanted to express your interest in the position and that your friend <insert his name> has told you how great it is to work at that company and you are wanting to follow up and communicate your desire to pursue this career opportunity. Good luck.

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i would show up in person,
and dress nice.

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@babaji, are you in the U.S.?

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