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Are there some kind cat wranglers here to help me?

Asked by gailcalled (54570points) March 5th, 2008

My daughter, if she gets an extension of her Canadian visa, may leave her cat, Milo père, with me for 6 months. I know nothing about cats and am not crazy about housepets (would prefer a dog). But I am crazy about my daughter and have said “Yes.” So I am her safety net. If Milo comes to live w. me, may I call on you for advice (green solutions for ticks, fleas, safety,
warning signs of trouble, how not to have the foxes or coyotes eat him, etc?)

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You had me at “wranglers.” Of course. I’ll bet johnpowell would help too.

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And of course you can count on me, gailcalled.

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cat wranglers? Its a cat. Easiest animals to take care of! There’s nothing to it. Now,... If it was a puppy that could be almost a full time job!

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I have 17 years of veterinary experience and a lifetime of pets – let me know if I can be of any help.

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my cat maddy is sitting on my tummy right now and offers her assistace. ;)

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We’ll help, as well!

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I’m in…
Got lots of Cat killin’ critters around.
Haven’t lost our kitty…

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i am sure google has some answers for you. cats are one of the easiest things to look after on the planet. :-P

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On the positive side, your mice problems might become a thing of the past.

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Thank you, everyone. And my mice thank you. Milo père is much too distinguished and sui generis to use Google on. He requires specialists like Maddy and syg and good friends like the rest of you. Once you know how to do something, it is always easy, of course. I remember how nervous I was on the first day of Algebra I and Latin I.

I have a male fox who hunts during daylight hours in late spring; he must be feeding kits. And I would be very upset if Milo became the plat du jour. Boffin, that’s where you can help.

4 miles down the road, my sister had her 16 guinea fowl, 12 chickens and 2 roosters picked off in the past year, plus a pair of pheasants that had been roaming around. And I hear blood-chilling screams sometimes in the night. (Owls getting rabbits?)

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Gail, Milo needs to be an inside cat in that environment. Maybe he’s already an apartment cat. That would make it easier. Count on me for opinionated
help at any time.

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