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Can you help me produce a rhyming title for my paper?

Asked by Haroot (2113points) March 3rd, 2010

I’ve have a paper I’ve been working on a Fairy Tale and Folklore class I’m currently attending. The gist of the paper (and the surtitle of the paper) is basically “how fairy tales utilize fear and violence to influence good mannerism.”

So the only I’m having trouble with is a good title. The surtitle covers what is in the paper, but I wanted something catchy too. What I had in mind was something along the scheme of:

“Mind Your Manners or [violent action here]”

I also wanted to thrown in a rhyme scheme in there. So far the best thing I can think of is:

“Take Mind Your Demeanor or I’ll Grind off Your Weiner”

which sounds very off still. Any help?

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Keep polite to avoid a fight.

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Be a good lad, or I’ll hurt you real bad.

Do as I say, or I’ll make you pay.

Good little lasses don’t wind up on their asses.

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A child well reared is properly afeard.

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Manners matter, shape up or ship out.

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Behaved or Beheaded

It is alliterative and not rhyming, but I like it.

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@EmpressPixie I do to!

All very good titles. Now to pick one…

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Dude, a subtitle is the least of your paper’s problems.

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@ranwulf +1

If you have to think of something ‘clever’, at least don’t make it rhyme. That is just too tacky for a paper. Don’t ruin the tone of the paper before your reader even gets a chance to read the first line. Although they are effective sometimes, it’s probably best when they are not forced.

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I won’t do
My homework, will you?

just kidding. I don’t think you need a rhyming subtitle, just something interesting.

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And do you mean “manners” rather than “good mannerisms?” They are not synonymous. “Mannerisms are idiosyncratic, odd or twitchy behaviors.”

Forget about rhyming schemes; make sure your title represents the thesis of your paper.

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@Haroot, is the paper written in English? Have someone edit it for you. Regardless of the content, you could easily crash and burn over grammar.

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@Pseudonym @Ame_Evil @gailcalled I just wanted a rhyming title because it reminded me of some of the poems and tales my paper is focused on. But I think EmpressPixie’s alliterative idea is a good one. Maybe not that particular one but the general idea. And thanks for that catch gailcalled. Bad habit of mine.

@ranwulf Yes it is and I have. Honestly the paper is done already and whatnot. I just needed a title.

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“Read or Weap”

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@rebbel: NO. Read or Weep, please.

@Haroot; I would also suggest changing “utilize” to “use.” (Less pretentious and more accurate, according to primary meanings of both verbs.)

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a little humiliation does wonders

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