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Prom favor ideas? D:?

Asked by FiRE_MaN (684points) March 3rd, 2010

My class is hosting my schools prom this year and I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for favors (free stuff) to give out other than the common things like candles or key chains. Things that you’ve liked or thought were creative. It’s a small school of 200 kids pre-k through 12 so grades 10–12 can come to prom.

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Totally, get 1000 bars of snickers, and make sure everyone gets some.

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Oh yeah, free money would work too.

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We had shot glasses one year, and little candles in glass holders the next.

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How about a CD of the greatest candid moments from the school year?

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marshmellow lollipops!
or cheesecake.

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Try not to give something that’ll end up in the landfill a few months or years down the road (I got a bunch of stupid plastic photo frames and martini glasses from the ones I went to – and they were dumped years ago). Idk what kids are into these days, but us adults like plants and good food and wine…

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My favorites were scented glitter gel candles, champagne glasses, and photo frames. I prefer engraved because it feels more special, it’s not just any random candle, it’s a special one. Others don’t like engraving. I guess those people didn’t want to remember prom. Yeah, I went to five proms, I got a lot of stuff.

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My Grandson received a yearbook type CD, but I doubt he looks at it.

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I dropped out so I’ve no idea. I was playing video games during what would have been my prom.

Still, if you just give out those tiny whiskey bottles, it should make for a grand time.

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