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Why did totalitarian leaders look down on democratic nations?

Asked by tokijitza (56points) March 3rd, 2010

BACK in the 1940.

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Oooo, this smells like a homework question….

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They were trying to get used to the view from their Ivory Towers

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First, think about the difference between totalitarianism and democratic republicanism, then ask why a militaristic totalitarian leader may have been contemptuous of an “open” system.

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Or, you can just wait around for @Cruiser to do your homework.

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Transference or projection of their own insecurities. It was actually the Nazis who were least secure when it came to the idea of fully mobilizing their economy for war.

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“Wollt Ihr den totalen Krieg?” was asked publicly and given a resounding “Ja!” in Germany on 18 February 1943. But this was over three years too late given the economic mismatch that the Germans were confronted with. See The Wages of Destruction by Adam Tooze.

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The democratic nations all have larger penises.
Thank You!!!

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