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What problems does a menstruating hemophiliac face?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21461points) March 3rd, 2010

When a hemophiliac bleeds, it’s dangerous because their blood doesn’t clot. What about when a female hemophiliac menstruates? I know that menstruation blood is not the same as blood from a wound but it is still blood. Do female hemophiliacs experience complications from this? Do they have unusually long periods? Do they have periods at all?

On a related note, what complications arise from a female hemophiliac in childbirth? I would imagine it would be more dangerous than a non-hemophiliac giving birth because there can be tearing and bleeding.

Can the collective enlighten me?

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Menses is bloody but it isn’t bleeding nor is it blood. The pregnancy scenario is a different issue, because there you may be talking about vascular damage. Maybe it’s counterindicated for hemophiliacs to hive birth?

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Hive birth? ;)

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I think that when it comes to periods, it is not any more dangerous (in that it isn’t at all dangerous) for hemophiliacs. During child birth on the other hand, I can see where it can be a problem.

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does hemophelia occur in females? thought it was typically a male disease

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@trailsillustrated It does occur in females, and it is more common in males.
It’s a recessive gene attached to the X chromosome. So if a male has it on his single X, he will have hemophilia.
A female would need to have the gene on both of her X chromosomes in order to get hemophilia. Otherwise the non-“infected” one will effectively overpower it.

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@Sarcasm beat me too it. :)

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