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Can the weather change your mind as to what activities you're going to do for the day?

Asked by Val123 (12684points) March 4th, 2010

I don’t mean obvious things, such as you had planned to go on a picnic and it rained, ruining your plans. I mean does the weather put you in the mood to do or not do something? I had planned to attack my floors today. After all the rain and the mud and the crud and the dogs they seriously need some deep cleaning. However, the sun is shining for the first time in what feels like months, it’s warming up beautifully (supposed to hit 70 today), there is no wind. All in all it’s turning into one of those rare perfect days. The LAST thing I feel like doing is mopping the floors, even though it needs to be done. It’s like a travesty to even be indoors on a day like today.

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What the middle school boys are teaching my 12 year old daughter about sex, drugs, and the internet.

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I REALLY don’t want to clean my room today.

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I don’t want to sand drywall today.or any other day,for that matter ;)

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Funny, on a day like today, when the sun is shining (beaming through my windows) and if it was a bit warmer, I’d love to open up a few of my windows (to air out the joint) and do a bit of pre-spring cleaning.

I’d also love have some fresh flowers around my pad.

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Go to work.

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@cockswain You do have the right to stop her from using the internet.

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I don’t want to be chained to my computer writing today.

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All the time. I try not to plan till I look out side.

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Well this is weird. I originally answered the question “What do you really not want to hear about today”, but this question has changed.

@Val123 I have control over her internet access at home, not what kids pull up on their iPhones. I heard something on NPR about 11 year boys being bored with internet porn because they felt they’d already seen it all.

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My answer doesn’t make any sense now lol

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@cockswain They modded it. Said it was better suited to the chat room….
So, take her iPhone away. Or get a cell phone that doesn’t allow internet service.

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@Val123 She doesn’t have one, the other kids do. My complaint is I have no control over what she sees and hears at school. The other day she asked my wife what cum was, since a boy told her she looked like she had cum on her lips. A couple boys that sit behind her in another class apparently talk about pot all the time.

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@cockswain Ah shit. I’m so sorry. I feel blessed that my kids came of age in the early 2000’s. They never had a cell phone or internet at the house, and it wasn’t so bad in the rest of the world, either.

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At the first sign of a good rain I become Gemi-slug. Sprawled on the couch with a book in one hand and the remote in the other. I love it. I mean I love it

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Not usually.

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Sun has been streaming over Alberta this past week, snow is melting, birds are singing, I have new energy and am planting seeds, brought a grow bulb. Yes, grey and gloomy weather often has me cooking soup and watching old movies or reading.

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@faye Great answer!

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