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How much do social norms govern your actions?

Asked by jackm (6200points) March 4th, 2010

Do you stray far from accepted behavior, or do you closely follow the rules of society?

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I always ask what Jesus would do.

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I usually operate within the bounds of normal society.

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I am considerate of others but aside from that….rules? What rules?

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I act legally but very irresponsibly. I follow no social norms unless it suits me.

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W W J D? Jesus would stroll around in his brown sandals and white robe. A very socially accepted normal behaviour.

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It’s too cold for sandals this time of year in upstate New York.

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In public, yes. At home, no.

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Jesus cares not for weather, but for the latest (oldest) fashion.

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I stray alright…lol!

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Of course I do.

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Well, I don’t do anything to get arrested, at least.

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They don’t !! :-/ I’m a complete nutter!! I’ve been known to spit too!! Lol…..

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I’m Independent. Each human create the rule for his/her own life not others. I always have my own rules and some of it could be similar or different of public social norms. I tend to liberal ever since all norms in my country are old fashioned,irrational,and dominant cultural/religion based.

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i’m a weirdo.

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Social norms are always changing.
Yes, I stray occasionally.

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What is this word ”norm”? Never heard it before o_O

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Like all self-identified shy people, I always think about the potential social ramifications of my actions before I do them. Shyness is largely the result of overthinking things and worrying more than you should about what people might think.

But like all self-identified weird people, I usually try to limit how social norms control my life. I may know something is frowned upon or otherwise unusual, but I’ll do it anyway.

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Read my posts.

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I think I’m more of a “do unto others as you would like them to do unto you” sort of person.

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Since anymore the social norm seems to be behaving poorly with outbursts of profanity and violence, I have to say that I keep to my own standard of appropriate behaviour.

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