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what would you do if you found out your boyfriend's secret lover bought the bed that the two of you sleep on?

Asked by Justnice (920points) March 5th, 2008 from iPhone

I found out that my boyfriend, who I live with, had an affair with another woman and turns out she bought the bed we sleep on. I was told that my boyfriend bought the bed.

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Get a new boyfriend.

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I would say thanks for the bed shame its a bit cheap I would have preferred something better quality but it’ll suit you both. Have a nice life together. Then dump him and find someone that respects you.

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Wow. you live a jerry springer life :O

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Yes, it’s very entertaining. Is the other woman related to you in some way?

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Uh… sleep in his dad’s bed?

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stop it you people are mean. That’s not even my question, my friend asked if I could post it. So I guess we both have jerry springer lives

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I’m sorry.

If I were a girl, and it bothered me, I’d make him get rid of it and get a different bed either paying for it together or not.

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If I were married to him I would sue him for the bed but only to make a statement.

I’m not exactly sure what your question is?who should the bed go to? Should she leave the cheating boyfriend? If they stay together should get rid of the bed?

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my friend is looking for advice. Should she get a new bed or should she leave him altogether. Should she just not make a big deal out of it. It did happen a long time ago. And obviously they got over the cheating part.

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Get over it. It’s just a bed. If there is no cheating going on now, and they got through the past problem, it’s no big deal who paid for the bed.

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Also, when you say “I” and “we”, I think it’s natural to assume that it’s you. If it’s your friend, next time just say as much.

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I think she should get rid of it. Its obvious she was bothered enough to ask you for strangers’ advice on the matter. It sounds like if they have moved on from that trial that they should also move on from that bed.

If she doesn’t your friend will make a psychological connection to a painful part of her life and could grow to resent her boyfriend for something they have already resolved. So yes, it is just a bed – get rid of it.

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I think if she is having a problem with the bed, then she is not over the cheating. If she was truly over the fact that he cheated, what does the bed had to do with anything. If everytime she looks at the bed and all she can think about is the cheating, then she has much more to worry about than the bed.

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sorry kevbo

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things lie dormant in our psyche that aren’t as simple as forgiving them away and all they need is a trigger

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A bed is just a tool for sleeping. It sounds like the issue is with your boyfriend.

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make him prove his loyalty and buy another, nicer one.

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The bigger question is why you are still with somebody that cheated on you. If you are offended by the bed, why doesn’t the person offend you? The bed didn’t have a choice; he did.

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I’m confused. It sounds like the bed issue is a bigger deal than the cheating somehow. My humble opinion: ditch the boyfriend. Then you won’t have to deal with the bed (among other things).

Seriously. You don’t need to be putting your health at risk by sleeping with someone who’s sleeping around on you, and who knows who she has slept with, and so on.

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I wouldnt make a big deal out of the bed. The issue should be with the cheating boyfriend. Try having him get some more stuff for you through her, if she’s dumb enough to fall for his crap. Then leave him when you have everything that you want. End of story. Sincerely single in Chicago.

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that’s a great idea

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Wait, if you’re upset that she bought the bed you’re sleeping in, then why is it a great idea to try to get her to buy more stuff?

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Meh, in my opinion, dump him and break his bed for good measure =P I reccomend hammers, screwdrivers and chainsaws for major damage….

Honestly, the boy doesn’t sound worth it. Either that or you (or they?) have some serious issues to sort out!

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