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Why are many answers appearing in italics all of a sudden?

Asked by marinelife (62266points) March 4th, 2010

I know that I did not employ italics on answers that are appearing that way, and since it is a series of answers in the threads, I am guessing others did not as well.

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What question? I have seen it where a tag doesn’t properly get closed.

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Ahhhh. it was the link posted in this quip.

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I only use italics if I am quoting another person or to emphasise a word, but somehow I don’t think you are referring to this kind of use…

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I thought people were doing it on purpose.

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@johnpowell Thank you for solving the mystery for me!

What’s weird is that even the stuff in the RH column is in italics!

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What are these Italics you speak of?

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What have you got against italics anyway? My wife happens to be one quarter italic.

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[Mod says] Thanks for bringing that to our attention! I’ve removed that link, so it should be all better now.

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@augustlan :: Just so you know the link would work if it was in the “link”: format.

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@johnpowell Thanks JP, but the link was reeeeeaaaaallly long and kind of complicated. I wasn’t sure where it actually ended! I’m a techno-tard.

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I’m not sure but it gets really annoying

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What are Italics?

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