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What does it mean when a girl says "you're cool guy"?

Asked by monkey28rb (121points) March 4th, 2010 from iPhone

Ok I brought this girl on a date tonight everything went well. Constant talking no dull moments, lots of laughing and smiling. After i dropped her off to meet her friends, I texed her letting her know we need to stay in touch because I’m going out of town for a week. She replies definitely you’re a cool guy :)
does that mean I’m still in? Or in the friends zone?

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Well females speak in code so cool could refer to “friend zone”

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I don’t think you have much to worry about.

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Don’t do what every teenager does and over think this. You are Fonzie right now. Stay Fonzie man, stay Fonzie.

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When it comes down to it, she either meant it or she didn’t.
What you need to do is play it off cool.
If you get all anxious over this, it won’t go well.

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It has everthing to do with how she said it.

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Nah I’m 20 just have had a lot of bad experiences so just figured I would ask around on here lol

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Definitely is the key word. You’re a cool guy is the reason. Yeah, she wants to hang out with you again. You at least know that much.
There, I decoded it for you.

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I agree with the above, but would note that if you truly are a cool 20 yr old guy, you will learn to spell, write and speak grammatically correctly, and punctuate correctly. Right now you’re at less than the 5th grade level. I counted 12 errors, punctuation, grammar, misspellings in your 4 short lines. It may not matter to you, but it surely does to an intelligent woman.

Your a cool guy is meaningless gibberish. You’re a cool guy, means she likes you. Learn the diff.

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wow, i’m so glad i’m past the “what does my romantic interest’s every word and syllable mean?” phase….

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@plethora Wow! And here I am, tonight, trying to figure out how to be nicer on Fluther, because people have called me on that kind of behavior. I’m making a personal commitment to avoiding the immediate nasty or sarcastic comment, and trying to come up with something useful, even if it’s “learn to spell” in a nicer voice. Why don’t you join me on that mission?

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@nope Well thank you, nope. I’ll certainly do that, and thank you for your example of diplomacy.

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Hey, nice changes. You’re making progress.

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guys tend to speek in code at times also or they say one thing and mean another. I think what she is saying is she likes you as a friend right now but is willing to go out again to see if it goes somewhere else.

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Hmmm, if the date went well, and that there was lots of flirting, I’d say she’s into you. (but maybe shave the pencil beard thing AKA douche beard)

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Definitely Friend Zone!

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Girls are cryptic. There’s no way to tell. Text her in a few days and judge how she feels from that second response…

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I don’t really know what they mean by it. But I think they may be saying it because they like you or something ;)

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Oooooh yes, I would most certainly think she likes you. Don’t go rushing things though, or constantly texting her. Let things happen naturally.

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It’s a polite way of saying “Cool it”!

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I think you’ve pulled!!

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Yeah sounds like your in. But don’t listen to me, i’ve been told i’m clueless when it comes to girls.

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“you’re in like Flynn!” SHE LIKES YOU! now, get off the computer and call her! lol

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Sorry about my spelling before for the ones telling me I’m not intelligent. I’m using my iPhone and it’s not so easy to type FYI. But thanks for the input. I’ll see where things go with her. Should I wait until she approaches me or get a hold of her? If So how long?

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It sounds like she enjoyed spending time with you. Text her you’d like to see her again, and ask her if you can call her in a day or two to make plans. Then call in a timely manner.

Usually guys follow the three day rule, but if a girl had a good time, waiting more than that is annoying. Be respectful of her time, and give her enough notice. Sometimes guys call on Thursday to go out on Friday, and when a girl’s busy, they interpret that as that she’s not interested. It actually means you waited too long and she made other plans.

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Think I would wait a few days, then text her… just a friendly message asking how she is doing. Don’t appear too eager

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@monkey28rb I think it’s time to be a little assertive. She’s left the door open for you, time to walk through!

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Well my main problem is, I’m heading out of town for a week. So keeping someone interested while gone can be a little difficult.

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Call her now, tell her that you’re going out of town for a week, and ask her out for when you get back, or tell her what day you’ll be back in town and call her to make plans. Courteousness and reliability are attractive qualities.

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@monkey28rb What about the attitude that her main problem is that you’re heading out of town for a week? Is what she offered you enough to keep you interested while you’re gone for a week…

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You’ll find out in a week’s time,but it seems as if she likes you-)

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@monkey28rb you took “the verbal lashing” like a man. You are an intelligent person or you would have lashed back. WAY TO GO MAN!

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Ha thanks bobo… I think i do have her interests, she wants to come watch me play football when I get back from break.I already know some guy has been trying to get with her. And as as far as I know they hung out last week. I’ll just play it cool and what ever happens happens.

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I think you’re in the friend zone man. Out of everything else she couldve said, she only said “you’re a cool guy”

then again, I don’t know how the date went or what you did/didn’t do, so it’s a little harder to analyze.

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@monkey28rb playing it cool is always the best approach. Good luck!

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@BoBo1946 I could not agree with you more, he took a lot of criticism and handled it very well.

@monkey28rb I think you are definitely heading in the right direction, I would not text her anymore tonight and then around 7 or 8 PM tomorrow send her a little text saying “I hope you had a great day and I had a good time last night” or something to that extent Judge her interest by her response. If it is just a short one to two word response, she might not be that intrigued, but if she she responds with a open ended response, I think you have a really good chance.

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@smjc you said wait until 7 or 8 the following night? That would be tonight. I’m already out of town so I’ll drop her a message tomorrow night saying something.

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@monkey28rb Curious…on a rank of 1 1 being you don’t want anything to do with her to 10 10 being almost completely perfect how much did you like her? There is a reason I’m asking.

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Well considering I don’t know her as well as I want to right now I would say 6 or 7

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@monkey28rb That is a pretty good interest level. If you didn’t contact her at all today, then I would probably say send her a simple, nice and genuine text around 1 tomorrow and if you like this girl it is important to keep the communication going because I a lot of times if a girl just met a new guy and the first week or two he just isn’t communicating, we will just think it is a lost cause and give up. <———-not all, but a lot women

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I mean I would think she would try and get ahold of me you know? When I do text her what you think i should say? I’m not worried about what I say, but I do like other peoples opinions.

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I really think you should try to contact her first at this stage. Most likely she is going to wait for you to persue her. I would text something simple and to the point. Maybe something like “I hope your having a good weekend so far I would like to see you whenever you have a day/night free and when I get back into town.” The more important thing is you need to judge her response if it is short or if it seems like she is wanting more communication from you. Then I would go from there.

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@monkey28rb, if she has other guys interested in her, you’re probably going to have to do most of the work at first.

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@sjmc1989 thank you Sport!

@monkey28rb good luck with the chick!

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I love how people play cupid for total strangers. Ah, l’amour! :D

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@monocle everyone you meet the first time, via internet or in the real world, are strangers. You make a stranger into a friend. Life is much easlier that way.

Nice to meet you @monocle !

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In my experience, it’s some kind of a veiled insult that I haven’t figured out. Probably accompanied by some kind of body language (which I can’t figure out) that negates the apparant compliment.

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well i am definitely in with her, so i just have to play it cool for a week. and @BoBo1946 its true everyone is a stranger at first.

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@BoBo1946 Indeed. Hello there!

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@monocle have a great day!

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well apparently i was wrong, going away for a week screwed me that dude i thought she was talking to she is with.. ehh oh well

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@monkey28rb She had an annoying voice anyway, right?

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she does now lol

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Absolutely she likes you. There is a guy at the gym and he caught my attention with what he was doing. I find him really attractive. Finally today I ran into him and said you are the COOL guy that jumps on crates, does pushups and chin-ups! I am a very outgoing women that is not shy. He is the first man that I ever met that made me shy. She is into you! Good luck.

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