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Why does my dog want to hump my leg?

Asked by judochop (16070points) March 4th, 2010

My dogs and I play together often. I am the dominant of us three when we play. I’ve grown up with dogs my entire life, so I am familiar with dogs and their behavior. Every so often my make Great Pyrenees likes to try and hump my leg or face or side or whatever body part he can get a hold of when we wrestle. I grab him and sit on him and tell him “no” when this happens. Why does he desire to do this? Is it because he wants to show his dominance in the pack or does he really just want to make human puppies with me (which I think would make for a great horror flick)?
No he is not fixed & no I am not fixing him.

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Don’t fix him, whatever you do. :)

But maybe he’s horny. Now don’t quote me, but there is a season when dogs do get horny and must mate. Does this happen at particular, noticeable times?

If not, it could be a territory issue; you’re his master, he’s marking you. Not like pissing all over the place as a wild dog would, but like, he might be telling you; you’re mine.

I don’t know much about dogs though, and in fact I’m dead scared of them, but it may be some kinda lead.

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you smell good.

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Awww thanks. I do smell good and if you would like to share my desk with me there is room.

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You got some sexy legs!

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It sounds like your dog is at that stage where he has become sexually active. Have you had that dog since it was a puppy? If so, your dog probably hasn’t learned that a dog should have sex with another dog. Instead it considers you its long time mate and close friend (or lover :P) so it thinks you are the person to procreate with. Kind of cute, it doesn’t really know any better.
The reason why he does it when all of your dogs are wrestling could be because he see the other dogs all over you and thinks they are trying to “steal” you. So your humping dog steps in and says, “no, he’s mine, and I’m going to show it.”

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Yeah it is dominance, because he isn’t fixed the problem will be harder to control/stop. Humping like that is to show you he thinks he is boss.

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Do you give off a hot dog vibe?

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Regardless of you opinion, you are NOT dominant – he does not recognise you as an
Alpha” if he is trying to hump any part of you.

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He’s probably just overreacting. It could be just an accident.

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Stop sitting on him! He obviously likes it will keep humping you as long you keep sticking your butt on him.

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My dog did that occasionally and he was fixed when i got him. I always assume it’s sexual excitement or tension; is there more to it than that?

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He is trying to show you that he is the dominant one.

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He is the boss. You are the bitch.

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Why are you so against getting him fixed? It is more than likely a dominance thing and like @FishGutsDale said, it will be harder to break this habit in a dog that isn’t fixed (but not impossible if you can gain top dog status).

Whenever your dog tries to mount you turn your back on him and walk away. I wouldn’t recommend yelling at him as, when trying to have dominance over your dog you need to have a calm but powerful energy. I would, however recommend making a sharp, assertive noise when trying to stop him mounting you. If you are sitting down and he mounts your leg, stand up straight away and say “NO!” or “AH!” (short, sharp and distracting) but remain calm at all times.

I know many people who spray their dogs with water whenever they try to mount a human. This isn’t going to hurt them but it distracts them from what they are doing. This shouldn’t be a problem but I wouldn’t ever recommend doing it to a head shy dog as it can sometimes lead to fear aggression or constantly cowering whenever anything comes towards it’s face.

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With my dog, he gets hissed at and beaten with a stick when he tries to reproduce with those of his own species, and clearly my leg seems to be the next best thing… =/

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He doesent do it very often at all and when I say I sit on him I mean I lay him down and put my elbows on his side to keep him there. This is a dominance position, breeders and trainers use it to let thier dogs know. I’m against getting him fixed because there is a possibility that he can breed with another Pyr down the line. I know I could ask my father what’s up and that it probably is the dominance thing rearring but I just wanted to ask. Thanks for all of your answers and insight.

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