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How do I get the smell out of a microwave?

Asked by Perchik (4982points) January 24th, 2007
Recently I cooked instant oatmeal in my microwave. I also use my microwave to heat water for tea. Now when I heat water it comes out smelling of oatmeal. How can I get the smell out of the microwave?
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I have mixed baking powder with water and heated it until it boils. Let it boil a couple of minutes. Then let it cool down to warm, take the water out, and rub down the inside of the microwave with more baking powder water. That worked for me.
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Heat it in the microwave--I forgot to say that.
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take your nose out of the microwave. :)
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The smell isn't what bothers me. I live in a dorm room, trust me, smells are not an issue. But when I cook my ramen in the microwave, it comes out tasting like oatmeal. Not a good combination.
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[Add in some beer to that sentence, and I will have proved every college stereotype]
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Give up ramen (full of preservatives) and just eat your oatmeal..use real tea leaves in a little infuser, and its aroma (Earl Gray, say) might mask the oatmeal taint of water. Boxes of baking powder in refridge act as deoderant..maybe peggylou's trick will work. I would be careful of overboiling the water and baking soda mix. Might foam up and create an even worse mess.
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Yes, the boiling water/baking soda works like a charm. It's not a bad idea to do that on a semi regular basis as a way to keep the insides of your m/w clean.
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So what is recipe. How much BSoda to how much water and how long in M/W? On high?
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well I gotta buy some baking soda, but for my m/w its gonna be on high. My m/w has one setting: ON.
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The trick is the steam produced by boiling water! I put a couple of tablespoons in a soup bowl of water heated to boiling and let sit for a good ten minutes.
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has anybody *washed* the inside of said microwave recently? might help.
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when I boil liquid in my m/w, (a high-end one and powerful), if I don't use a large enough container (viz: 1 qt. bowl for 1 C. water and 1/4 C oatmeal) and watch carefully, the liquid always boils over, thereby making a bigger mess. If ON is your only choice, stare hard into interior to check for boilovers ...but not w. nose pressed to glass :-)
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Another great tip is to use vinegar... use 3rd cup vinegar and 1 cup water in a bowl/cup. Cook for a minute or two and it should solve the problem. Works great for coffee pots too. Just run 1/2 pot or so of vinegar through, followed by two or so pots of water to remove the vinegar and presto... clean. Good luck... Oh, but never mix baking soda with vinegar, unless your science project happens to be a volcano. :•)
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Squeeze two halves of a lemon, add 1/2 cups water in a microwable bowl for 2 minutes and let sit for a while (one hour) and wipe clean.

Another is vinegar too. I haven't microwaved vinegar. If you leave a bowl overnight, let it sit without microwaving it. This works for a room or in a car (ive had sour spilt milk smells in car...just let vinegar sit overnight and the sour smell or any smell is gone) I read this tip in a magazine and it really works as well.

Love the tips above.

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four caps full of vanilla extract in a cup turn on the microwave and the whole house will also smell great not just the microwave.

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