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Would this contraption work?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10280points) March 5th, 2010

If you take a bunch of normal hair dryers that you buy for cheap, and get them all going to the same switch, then mount them inside a panel that is supported by four air cylinders that let the panel down slowly, and you stand in the middle as the air slowly is released from the cylinders and the panel slides down, will I still need a towel to dry off?

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Sounds like a car wash for humans!
I don’t know if it would work, but it sure sounds fun.

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LOL! A very cool idea, just make sure you have the right kind of circuit to handle that…most “normal” hair dryers still draw 1000+ watts when they’re on. You could possibly hook up plugs to multiple circuits…but I bet without some kind of special electric feed, you’d still blow some breakers. Good luck though, it’s an awesome idea. :)

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I like it. Getting wet and getting clean aren’t the tiresome parts; it’s getting dry that’s so tedious.

I do think you’ll blow a fuse, and I hope you don’t have the microwave on the same circuit. But before you drop the idea, how about running a calculation to see if you would use more or less energy doing this than you would to launder and dry a set of towels?

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i think towels are dumb…maybe I should buy this

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I am guilty of using my girlfriends hairdryer to dry myself off out of the shower. It’s nice because you can defog the mirror to shave right after.

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I considered somethig I call gym tent living, but decided it was not feasible. You get a gym membership, as nice as you like, then put a tent somewhere that is pretty unvisited, and disguise it well. Don’t let anyone see you go to it. Sleep there, and when you need to shower, go to your gym.

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oops wong thread

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From the times I let the hairdryer linger on my neck a little too long, I would say that sounds uncomfortable and possibly damaging to the skin. I think judochop’s much less complicated version would probably work better.

Of course both of them are pretty environmentally unfriendly compared to a towel. Hairdryers are actually one of the least efficient electric home appliances.

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Do it!

Do it now!

(In theory it would work. Hair driers also dry other things. In practice, you may have a limit to how many hair driers you can get to run in one place because of all the power they use. Most likely the circuit breaker will switch off the room power at maybe 2–4 hair driers, depending…)

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I don’t believe this. What is wrong with using a towel?

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Seriously? It would add a huge amount to your power bill, and I really don’t see the problem with towels. If your towel is scratchy, buy softer ones. It would take far longer too, because it can only do a small area at once and each area takes time.

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I think it probably would work. It’s kinda like those driers at themes parks after the logs ride.

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A hair dryer is about 800–1000 watts (read the label for your dryer). In the US, 110V, that means you will draw about 7.5–9 amps for every dryer. A typical home wall circuit breaker is 15 or 20 amps So you are limited to 2 dryers. No other lights or loads can be running on that circuit. Of course yo can run each dryer from a different circuit breaker with extension cords. But that would take away all the fun.

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Why use hair dryers? Get a fan and a space heater and blow the fan through the space heater. Viola!

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Get a nice, thick terrycloth bathrobe, and put it on as soon as you get out of the shower. By the time you brush your teeth, towel your hair, you’re dry.

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It seems like alot of trouble?Why not just walk around soaking wet?

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Just dance like Tom Jones…you will be dry in seconds… (go to 1:25)

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Robert Heinlein described something similar called a “refresher” about 60 years ago. It also recycled the water.

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Really, just use a towel.
Unless you don’t know where it is. People who know where their towels are usually are very together people.

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@TheLoneMonk What does a viola have to do with it?

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@jfos More surface area than a violin?

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How about adding two more panels; one spraying soapy water, then one spraying pure water, and then the dryers. Head to toe shower in two minutes.

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I am sorry. I find toweling off just as pleasurable as the shower/bath itself.

I never liked hair dryers or hand dryers.

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@flimflam: great HHGTTG reference :)

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Perhaps if you really wanted to avoid even more fuss you could find a way to dry-clean yourself. That idea seems to be just a little stupider than yours.

Blow-drying body parts is asinine. I don’t even bother to use hand blow-dryers in public restrooms that have them: I just wipe my hands on my pants or shirt because it’s quicker, more convenient, at least as effective (usually more) and no matter how long I stand at those stupid blowers I walk out with wet hands anyway.

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When you have seen a large very large, Afro-Caribbean female in a terrycloth sarong with elliptical stripes in purple, red, black and white, how can you give up the towel?

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