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Is putting the side of a double bed against a wall bad?

Asked by ben2 (42points) March 5th, 2010

My bedroom is small and I need to fit a study in there as well. I’m usually the only one that sleeps in the bed but sometimes my girlfriend stays here. Also, would using one beside table with a bed this size look odd?

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It may not be the usual way, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with it. I used to have a queen bed that I pushed up against the wall for (lack of) space reasons. One bedside table only. It wasn’t the most convenient thing for the person sleeping on the wall side, but it’s doable. Have fun with your space!

Also, welcome to Fluther. :)

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Why was that removed? We have a person making a first post with a ridiculous question – furniture arrangement. That is something that no one else (who has no other data than was provided) can possibly answer. My response what not the first and it was valid. That is how I feel. That is my answer.

Ir was also deleted in less than thirty seconds. How is that possible in normal circumstances.

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[mod says] Your post was removed because it was only the second answer, and quite rude to a brand new member. If you feel the question is inappropriate, then flag it and move on. Thanks.

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I did not feel that it was inappropriate – I thought that it was puerile.

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@DarkScribe Let’s take this to PMs, please.

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[mod says] Off-topic responses have been and will continue to be removed. Stop derailing the thread, please.

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It was on thread – the deleted thread. Ok. I’ll move on to less contentious posts.

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I’m sorry to upset you so much.

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I had a double bed up against the wall in a bedroom for years, and it looked fine. The room was 9’ x 13’ and the bed was parallel to the 9’ wall. I positioned the bedframe so it was about 9” away from the wall, to make it easier to make the bed. I used an antique iron bedframe, similar to this type, which raised the bed up, and made it look finished. If you add a bedskirt, you can store stuff under the bed and have the room look tidy.

A small room with a bigger bed in it needs to stay relatively uncluttered, or it becomes overwhelming.

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Yeah, of course it’s fine. Unless you personally don’t like how it looks, in which case, move it back.

Tough one… รต.O

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Ask the girlfriend at least she can see what you are dealing with. It is your room, do with it as you may!

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You’re asking whether it is “bad”?

For us to give a meaningful answer, you must detail your furniture-arrangement moral-code, which you apparently are somewhat unsure about yourself, being that you cannot even judge the objective “goodness” of a double-bed touching a wall. Perhaps you should see a counsellor to help you set your head straight with regards to your personal principles of furniture-arrangement.

In fact, I think this may be beyond us. I think you need a team.

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Unless you are willing to move it every time it will be difficult to make. Put enough space between it and the wall so you can reach to tuck things in.

Try it. You can always move it.

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I suppose it would be a bit bothersome if the wall-side person has to go to the loo in the middle of the night and doesn’t want to wake the other person up. Unless you can climb over the ends without too much trouble.

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It will be fine, although a bit cumbersome to change the sheets.

As far as the nightstand, one option us to have a long bench type piece at the foot of the bed (such as a cedar chest) which both parties can use as a nightstand of sorts.

Sometimes you can also find rectangular ottomans which double up as storage chests and are uphosltered in fabric or a neutral vinyl.

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Can’t you even spare 9 inches on the wall side, to let the woman sneak out at 4am?

Or are your girl’s thighs just too massive?

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Check out what feng shui has to say….

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My bed is a double bed and it goes next to the wall. It works for me because my room is quite small and I’m the only person who sleeps in it. Unfortunately, the ends of the bed have left marks on the wall from where it’s been banging into it (um, I’m a restless sleeper), so it’s far from ideal.

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We had the same setup in my son’s room for years. He and his wife stayed in it sometimes too, after he was married and out of the house. I see nothing odd about it, particularly if it is mainly used as a one-person bed. Welcome to Fluther!

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I had that problem for a while, a queen sized bed in a cottage bedroom. There really wasn’t a solution until we built a new house. It wasn’t really a problem since the first four years we were together, my lady required a hospital-type bed so seperate bedrooms were required. Later, we designed our sleeping arrangements around Megs medical needs.

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You are risking “Decorator hell” by doing that,so I say be a daredevil and go for it;)

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1) Tucking in is the lamest thing that can be done.

2) Go for it. My double bed is against the wall. I don’t think it’s bad. If the problem is one person having trouble getting out, then that isn’t very much of a problem at all. Most people could probably find another route, i.e. at the bottom of the bed, over the person sleeping on the edge, etc.

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I had a double bed next to the wall in my small apartment for years. It wasn’t easy to make, and it was uncomfortable to get out of when I had company, but it decreased the noise when I have company (nudge nudge, wink wink).
In the long run, I have advice for you.
1) It’s your apartment. Do what you want.
2) Don’t invite DarkScribe over.

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I’ve always had my double up against a wall. The only problem is making the bed, which is more troublesome than having space around it (I find myself jumping all over the thing to get the sheets on). I’ve also had boyfriends who have done the same thing, and I always slept next to the wall… it’s not a big deal getting out. You just crawl over them or leave off the foot of the bed. If you need the space, I say go for it.

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I would not care how it looked unless it was a social area. I would care about comfort and use of the area. Also when the girl friend stays over,you could ‘take the wall’ :)

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@YoH Maybe the girlfriend likes the sense of security being inbetween the person and the wall.

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@ jfos… I knew that was coming because I would be in that category,but it would be nice given the choice

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push it against the wall. It’s more cozy that way anyway.

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If Motel 6 and other lowest budget motels can do it, I don’t see why you can’t. In a small bedroom, either a bed up against the wall, or a fold out bed is a great solution.

Why on earth would you need a strangers’ permission to place your furniture where you want?

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@YARNLADY I assumed that someone (like Ben2’s mother) suggested the room was too small for a double bed.

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@PandoraBoxx Oh, that makes sense. My mother used to say we couldn’t put an easy chair in front of a bookcase either, because people wouldn’t think it looked right. My question was what people.

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